The Good Wife Review: “Real Deal”

Yet another solid hour from The Good Wife this week. They brought back familiar fun faces, a rap star, and moved alone some the storylines in a nice subtle way.

This week’s case involved a pesticide company being sued for negligence. Alicia had to become Erin Brockavich for an episode and it was fascinating because she had to do something we really don’t see her do much, which is relate to people and connect with them emotionally. Through this we saw the return of Michael J Fox’s character Louis Canning. He told Alicia that he had left the pharmaceutical company and was now working on his own; Alicia was no doubt very skeptical.

The Good Wife added complexity to Canning this week, making him cynical, yet somewhat relatable at the same time. We see through Alicia’s eyes that yes he can be manipulative and sneaky but we also saw that he does have another side to him when we saw him with Kalinda when she was at his home.  She saw how his wife and children think of Canning as opposed to hearing what he’s like through Alicia.  I love how Kalinda doesn’t look at people at face value; it’s truly something I admire in her.

This episode also saw the return of Denis O’Hare, which was such a pleasant surprise. Now I am going to admit that it took me about 20 minutes to realize that the writers were having fun with O’Hare’s character by referencing his character on True Blood. In case you are confused, O’Hare was the Vampire King Russell Edgington on True Blood and he made quite a name for himself last season (you can see a clip here Anyways this week his character on The Good Wife as Judge Abernathy (the always unpredictable judge) insisted to the court and counsel that everyone donates blood because it was a great cause. The reference was so subtle but if you were a fan on O’Hare you would get it and I have to saw I thought it was a brilliant play on the writer’s part.

Method Man also showed up this week, which also through me for a loop. He was there, as a friend of Peters from prison, and was going to help Peter with the youth vote. You see the it turns out that even though Peter’s campaign is bankrupt and he’s losing in some of the other demos, he’s up in the youth demo’s mainly because he was in prison. So Eli and Peter take huge advantage of this and start marketing themselves to 18-25 years olds. It was a brilliant strategy and I am interested to see how it turns out.

I still can’t decide if Derrick Bond is a full-fledged villain yet and I think it is in part due to the brilliant acting from Michael Ealy. You can’t read him and he encompasses himself so well into the character of Bond that even though I think the character is shady, you can’t help but applaud Ealy for his great work. It’s interesting that though that he was the one who was spying on the company through a computer program. I am glad that Will and Diane caught on to it and are planning on using it against him to get the votes they need to vote him out. It was nice to see Bond more as the villain for once than Blake, who we already know not to trust.

I don’t know how I feel about the whole Will and Tammy developments along Alicia letting Peter back into the bedroom as well. I think this mainly has to do with the promo for next week leading us on to the fact that Will and Alicia are having a “scene” or “scenes” together next week. I am already not expecting this to be an episode like Heat last season in which we got that steamy kiss between the two. But it will be interesting to see what Will has to say about that voicemail and knowing this show it will probably end ambiguously leaving us hanging till the season finale probably.  Alicia has some hard decisions to figure, as does Will so that’s why I am guessing that next week’s episode is probably just a tiny resolution as opposed to a big one. Still I can’t wait!

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