Review: Glee “Silly Love Songs”

I would just like to start out by saying that I really loved this episode as whole. I thought it was such a great character rich episode, something we haven’t seen in a while with this show. I was happy that nearly every Glee club member got some screen-time and was able to have their story developed in some form or another. It is always great when Glee has these types of episodes because it reminds us of why we fell in love with this show to begin with. However, with episodes like super bowl episode and such it makes you kind of mad as well because episodes like “silly love songs” or “duets” or “the substitute” are like rare anomalies this season with Glee. When “silly love songs” ended the only thought I had was, now how long do we have to wait until we get another good episode like this again? I know next weeks will probably be less than par because well let’s face it, it looks like Sue will try and take over the show yet again. I mean no bad will to Jane Lynch because she acts Sue flawlessly but this show isn’t about her, it’s about the kids; even if they all are a little screwed up.

Speaking of screwed up, let’s talk about that little development with the whole thing going on with Finn-Quinn-Sam-and Rachel.  I am sorry Ryan Murphy but when your boredom ruins your characters I will be mad. People don’t like YOUR BOREDOM because when you’re bored we get Finn, who used to be an interesting character become a cliché and go around trying to help Quinn cheat on her boyfriend with him yet tell Rachel that he is still upset with her because Rachel cheated on him with Puck. HOWEVER its totally OK that Quinn is into him even though she cheated on him with his best friend too and to make it worse, she got pregnant.  So Mr. Murphy, YOU CAN NEVER JUSTLY HAVE FINN USE THAT CHEATING ARGUMENT WITH RACHEL EVER AGAIN, EVER! I can’t take Finn seriously anymore and I can’t take Quinn seriously either. I really hope the writers of Glee can fix this because they have dug them self a pretty nice sized hole with this mess.

However, even though Finn and Quinn have totally been ruined as characters right now, the other Glee members had some really great development in this episode. There were three things I loved the most that I feel really brought to like why this show is really great sometimes.

  1. Rachel-Kurt-Mercedes: How awesome was it when we saw these three in Rachel’s bedroom (I think) talking about their non-existent love lives? I love that these three have become best friends.  I loved that the three of them, mainly through the help of Mercedes, realized that it wasn’t important to rely on someone else for your happiness. She reminded them that the three of them were divas and said that they needed to work on their inner star, something all of them had seem to have lost this season. Then Finn told Rachel that she needed to do the same thing and we saw her belt out Firework and we slowly saw that our favorite diva was reawakening, hairbrush and all.
  2. Puck-Lauren-Santana: I have to admit, the Puck and Lauren, Ms. “I spell woman Z-I-Z-E-S”, storyline kind of came from out of nowhere but I also kind of love it. The story still doesn’t make up for what happened with the whole Kurt-Karofsky story line during the super bowl episode, but it was a nice save on the writer’s part. I like that Puck told Lauren that he didn’t like because she was a fat-bottom girl he liked her because she was more bad-ass than he was and that turned him on. Her scene in which she kicked Santana’s ass was priceless. It’s kind of nice to see Santana humbled for once. I like that Glee is trying to show the reason everyone is unique is not because of their shape, size, sexual-orientation, or popularity ranking; it’s about your personality and embracing who you are. This is why I like Glee and it its story lines like this one that show me this show can do good, as long as it doesn’t try and overdo it.
  3. KurtBlaine: FINALLY we had some development with these two. I felt like we were certainly owed it after what the writers did with the Karofsky story in the super bowl episode. I like how they addressed the whole making it up in your head situations because that happens more than people think. Sometimes people lead you on and they don’t even realize it. It’s nice to see though, that even though Kurt wasn’t the object of Blaine’s affections at first, that they recognized the elephant in the room and addressed it. I didn’t expect these two to get together in this episode but I am glad that the door was finally left open for them to get to it eventually. The Harry met Sally reference was very cute and I think very appropriate. I love how Blaine was like “don’t they get together in the end?” with a huge smile on his face. That ladies and gentlemen is why I love these two.

Song Grades

Fat Bottomed Girls(Puck): A: I just adore Mark Salling’s voice so he can sing Queen any day in my book. Love that he sang it to Lauren, love how it made everyone shocked, and love how Lauren told Puck the song made her feel like crap. Love that girl.

P.Y.T (Artie/Mike Changs dance moves): B+: This wasn’t my favorite Artie performance but I have to say I LOVED Mike Changs dancing.  I also love that these two are now friends and have great girl friends which brings me to…

My Funny Valentine (Tina) C: It wasn’t that great of a song and I was really kind of confused by Tina’s breakdown during the middle of the song. I get that she reallllly loves Mike but it kind of through off the whole entire performance in my opinion. I love her voice and it almost made me wonder if they decided at last minute to have her overcome with emotion and just breakdown in the middle of the song because it just looked very very odd.

“When I Get You Alone” B+: Nice to see the Warblers in a place outside of Dalton Academy or an auditorium. I am glad that they showed that some of the members actually have Mike Chang style dance moves too. Now let’s see them use this more often.

“Firework” A: Its nice to see Rachel and the hairbrush come back to life. I also love it when she gets to sing those power-notes she great at. I hope we are going to see more of these types of performances from Rachel now that she’s realized that she can move on without Finn and be the Star we all know she can be!

“Silly Love Songs” A-: Again, any song sung by Darren Criss is a win in my book. I thought it was a great balled to cap off the episode and I loved the subtle adoring looks Blaine and Kurt gave each other. Yeah I am a sucker for these two. Plus, did anyone else notice the look Santana gave Sam? That’s gonna be trouble.

Anyways, I really really hope they can make the rest of this season work. I am not a fan of Ryan Murphy’s boredom and I feel like it doesn’t help the show at all. I want to be optimistic for this show but he just makes it SO hard. It will be interesting to see where the next episodes take up and where the character development heads next. In regards to the songs this week:

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