How I Met Your Mother:”Oh, Honey”

Every season now it seems like we constantly get a female pop star to guest star on HIMYM: Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood, and now Katy Perry.  However, last night’s episode reminded me of How I Met Your Mother’s old charm and it certainly delivered a great (yet skeptical) episode.

Katy Perry was great as Zoey’s clueless cousin “Honey.” She did exactly what was asked of her and she looked great doing it. They could have really fumbled her storyline, making fun of the fact that she’s a bonafide sex object, instead they choose something subtle and cute; something that wouldn’t distract us from the real storyline which was about Zoey and Ted. She also helped in reaching a critical point in Barney’s story about finding his Dad, something I am sure we will be coming back to very soon.

First off, before I get to the whole Zoey and Ted debacle, I would like to say that I LOVED what they did with Marshall this week. I am glad that they are not ignoring the storyline about his father and that he stayed at home in Minnesota to help out his family.  His mom and brother Marcus added that extra layer of awesome to this episode and I kept thinking SPIN-OFF!!! I really enjoyed how they were able to poke fun at Minnesota and Marshall’s family yet add a special layer of charm to it. Marshall’s mom has always been fantastic but I was happier to see Marshall’s brother, Marcus, get more screen time. He was downright hilarious; especially when he was able to completely figure out that Ted and Zoey were in love with each other before anyone else could.  I also loved how Marshall explained everything to his mom and Marcus and used a picture of Col. Mustered to represent The Captain. Yet another reason why Jason Segal deserves Emmy love this season.

I was always the odd one when it came to Zoey because I immediately liked her from the beginning. I think the HIMYM writers wanted us to find her annoying at first before realizing that she wasn’t that bad after all. I certainly believe that she is better than Stella. Anyways, I did like the whole way they brought Zoey and Ted together finally but I am still skeptical about what this means for the season. We already know that she is NOT the mother and it sort of puts a bullet in my theory about her being his step-mother-in-law (the theory isn’t dead yet, but for now, it’s on life support.)

The question I want answered though is, how does this pertain to meeting the mother? I mean at this point Ted is all about finding the one. He is ready to settle down and get married and Zoey just got divorced, I don’t see her wanting to get married again anytime soon. So it begs the question, is it worth it? I mean, they’ve already given us so many clues about the mother that we already know that his relationship with Zoey is doomed. So, in my opinion, it is hard to get around to liking this relationship because I know it’s going to fail and then I am going to end up missing Jennifer Morrison again (she left us on House too.)

My hesitation about Ted and Zoey still doesn’t take away from the greatness that was this episode last night. If there are more episodes like this to come this season, then I probably won’t complain too much about this new relationship. I just hope for fans sake, that this storyline does lead us to another major clue about the mother, because we are six seasons in now, it’s time for some answers.

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