Review of ‘Glee’ – ‘The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle’

For nearly two whole months we’ve been in the absence of Glee but last night they came back post Super Bowl and brought with them a pretty darn good episode.  For the first time in I don’t know how long (its been a while at least) Glee managed to mix over the top with a subtle plot filled episode that would make even the most cynical Glee fan happy for a change. I’ll be the first to admit that Glee certainly has its ups and downs and well there’s also the whole shebang with Ryan Murphy, but I’ll give him this, he,  Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan could have really screwed this episode up and they didn’t; instead they gave us a good episode and set up some get storylines for the second half of the season and while this episode did make me more frustrated with some current characters, I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of this season plays out.

The episode was focused on team/school unity. The Glee boys had finally reached their boiling point with Karofsky and his gang of football thugs ( I really can’t remember that other dudes name or who the new dude was who started bad mouthing the Glee club.) Karofsky and Co. had were acting as they normally had, making fun of Finn, Puck, Sam, and Mike Chang for being a part of Glee club and proving that they were truly ignorant to what Glee club was all about. Coach Beiste had had enough and she and Will devised a plan to bring the two teams together.

Sue had really reached the top of her evilness when she changed the date of the Cheerleading Nationals Competition the same day as the Championship football game at William McKinley. Quinn, Santana and Brittany are forced to choose and after careful manipulation of Sue’s part, they quit Glee club. Poor Brittany was also manipulated by Sue to be shot out a canon during their national’s performance.  So Coach Beiste and Will come up with a plan to have the football team and Glee club put on a spectacular half time show. Will actually chooses a mash-up between MJ’s Thriller and the Yeah Yeah  Yeahs’ Heads will Roll. I seriously think this was Wills best song selection choice, ever.  Though both groups are hesitant at first, they begin working together and actually having fun that is until the Hockey team( who all happen to have mullets and look Canadian…stereotype much?) decides that this is the perfect opportunity to overthrow the Football team as most popular in the school. Shuester’s plan all falls apart and Beiste loses a majority of her football team right before the big game (come on? Did you really think they were going to let them lose? Actually I did, but that’s because Glee does that a lot so I was kind of shocked that they actually won but then again, it was the Super-Bowl episode, so I guess they kind of had to let them win, even if it was totally unrealistic.)

It all comes to head at the big game when the glee girls join the glee guys out on the football field to help them play in the game. As expected it’s a total disaster but Puck and Finn finally get past all their drama and work together to get the football team back together,bring back Santana, Quinn and Brittany (who reallllly didn’t want to be shot out of canon because she did “want to die before One Tree Hill was canceled.” Brilliant.), put on the excellent half-time show in which they are all zombie out, and in the end manage to win the championship football game.  However, in typical Glee fashion things didn’t stay blissful for very long. Karofsky and Co. went back to hating on the Glee club and Quinn kissed Finn at the very end the episode, leaving you wondering, what the hell happened with her and Sam? I guess we’ll find out Tuesday.

Overall, I was impressed that they did a regular episode for the coveted post super-bowl episode. It showed the potential of the show and why so many fans truly love the show already. However, the problem is can they make it stick? I am already half way done with this whole Kurt/Karofsky storyline, I mean we get it already Karofsky is a homophobic ignoramus but at some point Murphy, Flachuck, and Brennan you have to start moving the story along! Also, I am starting to really get annoyed with Finn. I haven’t quite figured out why yet but I don’t like how he keeps going back and forth about wanting to be popular or not, same goes with Quinn. Now that it looks like they are headed towards coupledom again can you start improving their characters or I am going to start wishing I had that silicone chicken cutlet to slap myself in the face with as well.

They have set up an interesting second-half to the season, with Kurt and Karofsky, Finn and Quinn, regionals and nationals, and what the hell Sue is going to do next; they have the potential to make a decent second half of their second season. I just hope that they can make it work because I have seen what this show is capable of and I have seen how they can butcher that potential in to a thousand pieces. I am still optimistic they can make it work, so don’t prove me wrong Ryan Murphy and Co.

Song Grades:

Need You Now (Rachel and Puck) A: I really liked this performance, I love Lea Michele and Mark Salling’s voices together and they have great chemistry together as well. Its goal was to make Finn jealous, it worked and it showed that Glee club wasn’t all show tunes and what not. I approve.

She’s Not There (McKinley Football team) B+: This was highly amusing and Finn actually sounded good for a change. I also loved how they were all unrecognizable in their zombie make-up.  It really was a pretty great warm-up performance.

Bills Bills Bills (Blaine and the Dalton Academy Warblers) A: Kinda came out of nowhere and really had nothing to do with the plot, but I love Darren Criss and his smile and his voice and I really don’t think I could ever say a single bad thing about this man. Sue me.

Thriller/Heads Will Roll (Glee Club and McKinley Football team) A+: I loved that for a couple of minutes, the football team and the Glee club were able to put on a great zombie performance of Thriller/Heads will Roll. I loved the costumes and makeup, I loved that Karofsky actually wanted to join in, and I loved that everyone had a great time putting on the performace. It sounded great, it looked great, and it was executed flawlessly. Bravo Glee, Bravo.

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