Vampire Diaries: Daddy Issues, Betrayals, and Wars of Epic Proportions

What a great episode of The Vampire Diaries last night. I mean WOW when they go all out they really go all out and with the introduction of Brady and the pack of Jules werewolves I have to say, Mystic Falls has another fight on their hands.

Great performances all around last night, everyone seem to bring their A-game and even Matt, that’s right, MATT, had me feeling sorry for him because he really is just so damn clueless as to what is really going on the town he knows and loves. Candice Accola was phenomenal this week, and I don’t think its just me when I say that she pretty much has chemistry with EVERYONE on this show and its friggin awesome.

So Sark Uncle John is back on behalf of Isobel and no one is thrilled to see him, and I mean NO ONE. I just want to say that when David Anders starts playing a character who acts all caring and nice, you better run because something is NOT right. I have NEVER seen Anders plays a role where he is a nice man who cares, NEVER. That is not his style; he is excellent at playing the sly villain. So Elena has every right to be concern and she shouldn’t trust him, no matter what he says. He’s up to something or he knows something BIG and so does Katherine apparently, and I have a feeling that it is going to have some ghastly consequences.

Sidenote-Damon in a bathtub with that reporter was hilarious, but if I hear him whine one more time about how he’s in love with Elena and that he hates that it’s changing him, I will scream. I think we get it all ready. I love Damon I really do but he needs to deal with it and not whine so much. He needs to just listen to Elena and be the better man.

However, even though Johns storyline was important this week, none was more important than they advancement in the werewolf storyline. I knew this week would be the week that changed everything and would most likely break my shipper heart for Caroline and Tyler but man it still stung. Kevin Williamson was right, things for Tyler and Caroline were going to get tragic and they did, their whole relationship now is entirely tragic. Tyler was hurt by the lies Caroline had told to protect him and I completely get it. But I also understood his hesitation towards everyone, including Stefan and Jules.

After Tyler exploded at Caroline for lying to him he had Jules come over to talk and she talked about how werewolves were a family of loyalty and honor. I have to say I think that was the most important piece of development all night. It was at that moment that Tyler had probably already made some form of a choice because let’s face it, this boy has never had people to look out for him before Mason and Caroline and with both of them gone (Caroline gone because she lied to him), he was probably feeding on everything Jules was saying.

Caroline confessed to Stefan that Tyler knew everything and we got to see Stefan be all badass again as he went to talk to Tyler as well. Stefan told Tyler that they could all live in peace and that werewolves and vampires being enemies was just some old man’s myth that it didn’t have to be like that anymore. He could live in Mystic Falls and be safe. Then they found out that Jules and her werewolf friend Brady(who might I say, did a fabulous job  introducing himself to night) had kidnapped Caroline. Man was that hard to watch. Brady shooting wooden bullets at Caroline and her screaming and crying in that cage was so brutal and barbaric and I have to say I was crying for her safety.

Tyler saved her when he went with Stefan, and eventually Damon to trade Tyler for Caroline. Unfortunately, Brady and Jules brought all their werewolf friends along with them and they weren’t going down without a fight for vengeance on Mason’s death. Tyler ran into the RV and found Caroline, saved her but then watched as Caroline, Damon, and Stefan fight off the werewolves. Now here’s the part that Caroline said she was all upset about, that Tyler didn’t help his friends in time of need, that he just stood there and watched. Now while I completely agree with her about this, that if he reallllly cared about her he would have fought and helped out her friends; the boy did JUST FIND OUT that Damon was the one who had killed Mason. So I don’t think Tyler was going to up and fight on the side of vampires of had his uncle murdered. So when Caroline told him off and told him that she was no longer his friend, Tyler did the only logical thing, he went back to Jules and Brady because they are essentially the only family he has now. It may have not been a good decision but it certainly was a logical one. I still think that Tyler will end up saving Caroline somehow, when it really comes down to some epic battle, he’s going to be there for her. I hope!

By far the best scenes of the night involved Caroline and Stefan. These two have a great friendship and bond and I am glad that Pelc and Williamson are exploring the amazing connection and chemistry between Candice Accola and Paul Weasley. I mean WOW. I loved that one last scene where Stefan came over to Caroline’s house asking if she was OK and when she said she’d be fine, even though it was clear she wasn’t, he had back up, Elena and Bonnie who came into Caroline’s house and hugged her and told her that they needed a slumber party. They let Caroline cry into their arms and man I started balling. I love that Bonnie still loves Caroline even though she knows she’s a vampire and I am glad that even though so much has changed, these three will always remain best friends.

By the way, Bonnie, though she had few scenes, was awesome tonight. I am glad she and Jeremy are starting to be together and that she no longer trusts Jonas and Luka, even if they do look out for her, Elena, Stefan, Damon, and Caroline.

Overall a kickass epic episode and it’s only the beginning of Sweeps. To me that means everything is just beginning.

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