The Good Wife: Silly Season

Matt Czuchry: you have come a long way since your days on Gilmore Girls.  I always liked Cary on The Good Wife and I was sad last season when he lost to Alicia because I feared that he wouldn’t be used well in the next season. I was wrong. Not only has Cary been used as an excellent foil to Alicia, he’s also grown into such a rich and powerful character that usually takes normal series many seasons to develop. The newest episode of The Good Wife decided to focus the case through Cary’s eyes and man did it deliver.

One thing that The Good Wife is great at is that it is a master of developing many plotlines into one hour. So while we are seeing the case of the week through Cary and Co. eyes, we are also receiving developments on the Campaign, Peter and Alicia’s personal life, developments with Will and Diane’s plan to sabotage Bond, and a little more development with Kalinda.

The case

The case of the week centered on the killing of a prison inmate. Cary is prosecuting prison inmate Church (a black man) who stabbed another inmate Winston (a white man.) Cary and his partner Geneva hear from another inmate that Church stabbed him because the man used the “N” word. In reality it was a lot more convoluted then that. However, Cary ends up one upping Alicia and Co. when his old friend, an investigator (a now stay at home Dad but someone I am sure we’ll see again competing with Kalinda and Blake) discovers the connection between Church and Lemont Bishop, that drug kingpin we haven’t seen in a while. Bishop sponsored Church’s little league soccer team. So in actuality, Church was involved with Bishop and wasn’t just worried about the safety of his family and most likely, wasn’t upset that Winston used the “N” word.

Turns out that the case is an “audition” piece for Lockhart Gardner on whether or not Bishop decides to use them as his counsel. Alicia, Will, and Diane are obviously not amused but they let Bond carry on with Bishop while they secretly plot Bond’s exit. However, Cary wins the case and gets to convict Church, leaving Bishop a free man.

I like where they are going with Bishop. I think he is a good story arch for the rest of the season that ties nicely with almost all the other story lines on this show. It deals with Glenn Childs’ campaign, the current situation at Lockhart Gardner Bond, and will probably have a connection to Peter as well. A lot of shows can’t tie stories together the way the Kings have managed to tie this one all together. Its nice to see good storytelling played out by a great cast. Man I love this show.

The case also merged in with the campaign season as well. We saw Childs( yay Titus Welliver!! I love that man!) back with…darker hair and ready to play hardball with Cary. Childs receives a visit from Wendy Scott-Carr who shows him a disturbing flyer about her and her family and convincing people she is not all that “black” because she married a white man. The flyer was posted in all the “African-American” neighborhoods. Childs claims it isn’t from him which sends Carr to Alicia. Wendy then pulls out her own flyer that insinuates that Zach got his ex Becca, Eli Golds “ridiculous little mean girl thorn in my shoe”, pregnant. It’s not true but it gets the ball rolling and it gets Wendy to use President Obamas term “silly season” for what was going on in the campaign. It was all very clever and yet another use of how The Good Wife knows how to use current events properly in their story.

Because of the mess with the Campaign and the false flyer, Alicia goes to Eli to get the problem fixed. When he learns that the flyer didn’t come from the actual campaign center but from the campaigns PAC, things being to get dicey. The PAC is the only thing currently keeping Peters campaign afloat financially. However, after finding out what they did, Peter sends the PAC away, leaving his campaign bankrupt; which is probably exactly what Wendy Scott-Carr wanted all along.

Peter also wants Alicia to let him back into the bedroom, because he still loves her and wants to save his marriage. Alicia is still hesitant. I think it’s pretty obvious that she’s not as in love with Peter as Peter is in love with her. Will or no Will, Alicia needs to really look at her relationship at home and ask herself if she really wants it to last. I applaud the writers though on this storyline because it is very realistic, ending a marriage is not easy; it’s hard and complicated and it is a long process. So I am glad that they are going at this at the right speed, anything else would be to typical and too Hollywood.


Finally, we learned a little more about Kalinda this week after Blake did more investigating on her. He thinks he’s found Kalinda’s real identity, a Canadian woman, Lela Tahiri, who was killed in a house fire. She doesn’t confirm or deny which leads me to believe that Blake might have stumbled on to something. We also found out that Childs is developing a case against Kalinda about her investigating techniques. Cary does the respectable thing and tells Kalinda. I love that friendship more than anything and I can’t wait for the day that it develops into something more. These two have rock solid chemistry and they work so well together. Man I love these two!

I am happy that we get a couple new episodes of The Good Wife before the go on hiatus again. I hate having one new episode every couple of week. This show is just way too good! Next week Michael J. Fox is back! I am mighty excited for that! Also, before I wrap this up, Congrats to Julianna Margulies on her second consecutive win for Best Actress at this years SAG awards! She more than deserved it!

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