The Vampire Diaries Review: The Descent

Ughh the past seven weeks were way tooo long a wait for a new Vampire Diaries episode. However, the episode last night was well worth the wait, proving yet again that this show is seriously awesome.

If the last episode was the Candice Accola and Michael Trevino episode, this was the Ian Somerhalder episode.  The episode that really showed you how great Ian is at playing Damon and he was superbly helped about by Lauren Cohen who played Rose. These two were utterly fantastic and I applaud them for their excellent work!

When we left off long ago, new in town Jules the Werewolf bit Rose, and though Damon and Rose thought they were in the clear because the bite healed, it turned out that bite had indeed not healed and instead started to spread along Rose’s back. It was not a pretty sight.  Stefan had learned from Katherine that if he and Elena were going to find out any information about the Originals (i.e. Klaus and Elijah, who was sorely, missed this episode) then they were going have to contact Isobel.

And then we have Tyler and Caroline who, together, experienced Tyler’s first wolf transformation; bonding them for life.


In this episode we see the fallouts from the last episode. Jules wakes up naked in the forest and realizes she killed a bunch of campers in the forest, along with biting Rose. That girl is not nice, and I don’t care if she is going to “look out for Tyler”, she’s just as bad as any vampire.  Damon is trying his hardest to not show that he is really worried about Rose. Stefan is on the hunt for Isobel, with some help from Alaric while Elena is helping Damon out by helping to look after Rose.

Caroline, however, has a very interesting episode. She finally confesses to Tyler that a werewolf bite is deadly to Vampires and that really shocks him and he can’t really say all that much because Matt comes up and interrupts them.  So Tyler does the good thing and walks away.  Matt then tells Caroline that he misses her again and then kisses her and she even lets him have a few seconds before running away from him again. They then have another scene where Matt calls her out on why she keeps running away and she gets stuck on what to say and just says ‘I love you.” And I totally get it. I mean she can’t tell him the real reason, which is that she’s a vampire, so she lets out the only truth that Matt will understand which is that she does love him still. Then she runs away again, leaving Matt all confused.

But Wait! Tyler’s back later that night and he wants to know why Caroline stayed with him that whole night, even though he could have totally killed her if he had bitten her. She gets defensive and tells him it was because she cares about him and that he needs to realize that people do care about him and that he should let them. It is all very sweet and Tyler, who is overcome with emotion, goes up and kisses Caroline. It is super adorable and super sweet and even though they are both shocked by it they go in for it again! But then Caroline realizes the reality of the situation and says “you shouldn’t do that” and Tyler understands and apoligizes as she rushes into her house alone screaming “Everyone just needs to stop kissing me.” Oh Caroline, it just sucks to be you, doesn’t it?

Actually it does. Because then Jules meets Tyler at the grill and spills everything to him about how she knows he’s werewolf and that he is friends with Caroline and how Mason is dead and that Caroline had a hand in his death because she is not the only Vampire in Mystic Falls. Basically, Jules completely shatters Tyler’s trust in Caroline. It is all very heartbreaking and sad because you can tell that it’s not going to be all peachy for Caroline and Tyler in the next couple of episodes. These two are really going to end up breaking my heart. I just hope that in the long end, these two will get a sort-of- nice happy ending. Hey a girl can hope?

Anyways, speaking of Jules, she really did piss off the wrong vampire. Damon, who may be trying to hide from the fact that he cares, is really pissed off that she bit Rose. I think we all knew that Rose wouldn’t be staying around for very long but it was still painful to watch her go through that illness. I loved Rose’s scenes with Elena and how she admitted that she missed being human and being home in England. She told Elena that Elena was giving up by making a deal with Elijah, when what she really needed to do was fight. I loved seeing Rose try and nail that into Elena’s head. I really do hope that Elena will listen. Stefen came back at the end of the episode to revel that on his search for Isobel, he found Uncle John instead. I lovvve that David Anders is back, he’s been gone from TV screen for far too long.

I think my second favorite scene of the night (Tyler and Caroline’s kiss being the favorite obviously) was Damon and Rose’s dream where they were in her old field back in England. You could really tell that Damon cared about Rose and that he just wanted to make her death as peaceful as possible. Elena tries to be there for him, she even hugs him but it’s sadly, not enough.

He ended up having an emotional breakdown in the middle of the road causing some stranger to nearly run him over. He then confessed to the stranger, a girl named Jessica, that he missed being human and that it haunts him every day. And just when you thought that he might let the girl go, he goes back for her and kills her.  We all knew that his search for redemption was going to be a long process.  It just suck’s that our hearts have to break along with his as he tried to accept himself again.

I seriously can’t wait for next week. We saw in the preview that Tyler comes after Caroline. Ughh these two are going to be sad to watch.  I just hope Tyler realizes that the ONLY bond he has with Jules is that they are both werewolves. He is not connected to her in the way he was with Mason and the way he way he is now connected with Caroline. I hope Stefan knocks some sense into him because if not, we are in for some really painful episodes. Seeing David Anders again will be great as well and should ease some of the pain…I hope.

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