Gossip Girl Review: The Kids are Certainly Not All Right

After a long and tedious 7 week break from our favorite Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl is FINALLY back. Gossip Girl picked up, a few weeks after we left off; Serena and Chuck are still angry at Lily for screwing with their lives, Blair and Dan denying that they had a fun time together seeing that French foreign film Nennett, and Nate realizing that having his dad at home with him maybe wasn’t the best idea.

With everyone safely back in the UES the drama can finally begin.  So let’s review:

Who’s Pissed off at Lily?

Serena: she spent her winter break tracking down one Judge Stevens, the man who Lily had to help her sign the affidavit against Ben. Little did Serena know, but Lily had been hosting the judge in New York to keep him away from Serena, who went all Erin Brockavich for nothing. Very sneaky Lily.  Anyways, Serena and Chuck have an awesome scene where they have Serena pose as Lily to break into Lily’s safety deposit box.  Serena and Dan also realize that if they are going to get back together they need to both be ready and that they can’t keep doing the whole on-off thing. Its all very mature and in the end Serena goes to see Ben…oh Serena, will you ever learn???

Chuck: Lily finally confesses to Chuck that Bass Industries and somehow he chose to believe her and because of this, it caused the potential buyer Lily had to not buy out Bass Industries and leave it open to for Russell Thrope to come in and take it over. Who Russell Thrope you might ask? Well he was once a friend to Chuck’s dad before Bart screwed him over and pushed him out of NYC. Russell seems to be out for revenge. Russell also has a hot daughter who Chuck is immediately smitten with, which can only mean trouble. Oh and did I mention that the Thorpe family is African American?? YES you heard that right! Gossip Girl has finally broken its race barrier!

Blair and Dan’s friendship

I am utterly obsessed with Blair’s new career storyline. When Dan told her she was a “dictator of taste” and then later on her mother showed her that there was a career in which she could use those talents I immediately saw Blair as the future editor of Vogue!! I also loved that she called Dan her friend.  I’ve said it before but these two really understand each other and are able to call each other out on their flaws but also help each other discover new aspects about themselves. I think this friendship is going to grow into something special, maybe not a romantic kind of special, but a something of a deep bond that can’t be broken.  I look forward to seeing how their friendship progresses this season!

Nate’s uselessness

So yeah, Nate still has family problems and even though his dad is out of jail, he is still a bonafide creep!  I don’t understand why they can’t just give the guy an interesting storyline that doesn’t involve his messed up crazy family?  He’s a main character and the writers give his creepy dad a better storyline then they give Nate. It will be interesting to see how Nate’s dad screws up his new alliance with the Thorpe’s because we all know that is going to happen.

I have to say after the first half of the season ended back in December I was worried that Gossip Girl would fall apart after their great Juliet story but after last night, I have a feeling that they are going to be able to keep up with the introduction to the new Thorpe family and Blair’s new self-discovery storyline.  I really think we are in for a great second half of an already great season!


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