Last Words

Last night’s How I Met Your Mother proved yet again why this show is one of my favorites. It took a dark subject and turned into something poignant and comedic; and if you’ve been a fan since the beginning, you know that this show has its ups and downs and for HIMYM to tackle this subject so perfectly was quite a gift.

Lets go through the run down:

Everyone dropped everything they were doing to be at Marshall’s side after it was revealed last episode that his father had died. They all traveled out to Minnesota to attend the funeral with him. What this meant was we got to see the return of Marshall’s family (which I loved!) Throughout the episode the gang tried to find ways to make Marshall feel better. Ted and Barney tried to make him laugh by finding YouTube videos of guys getting hit in the nuts, something that normally would make Marshall laugh a lot. However this time, it wasn’t happening. Lily’s role was to be Marshall’s mother’s bitch because whenever Lily tried to talk to her, Judy would finally take a nap or eat something for the first time since her husband’s death.  Lily proved yet again why she might be right up there as one of the best television wives on TV, right next to Tami Taylor who’s at the top of the list of course!

Robin may have had the best role though because she knew a thing or two about Funerals and she made sure she brought everything and I mean everything which the new vice girl. My favorite line of the night was when she busted on Mary Poppins, “Ted those kids jumped into a painting and chased a cartoon fox around for fifteen minutes. Spoon full of sugar? Grow up.”  If anyone brought about the best laughs last night, it was her.

Man I hope Jason Segal gets an Emmy nomination this year because he certainly deserves it. I know that most of the time Neil Patrick Harris and Allyson Hannigan get all the love but I think it’s time for Jason to get a nomination. He has been utterly fantastic as a grieving son. I loved how he struggled with his Dads last words and how he got the gang thinking about their own relationships with their fathers.  I really enjoyed that theme of the episode being Last Words. It really is amazing how often we take our goodbyes for granted. But I have to say that the way Marshall embraced “rent Crocodile Dundee 3” as his fathers last words was quite nice. I really hope Marshall can make it through this!

I also like how this subtly noted on the fact that life is short and gave Barney time to reflect and realize that it was time to meet his father (who apparently has just been cast! But I won’t spoil as to who it is, you can find that out on your own!) I bet we are going to get some nice scenes between Barney, Ted, and Marshall and personally I cannot wait.

Other Notes:

Must say that the only issue I had with the episode was the introduction of Danny Strongs character Trey. It was just off, maybe it was just me but I just didn’t feel it as much as I thought I would.

Ugh to this show being off the air for two weeks. CBS needs to air this show STAT. I hate long breaks!




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