Grey’s Anatomy Review: The Healing has begun

Much to my surprise, last night’s Grey’s Anatomy was a rather uplifting episode than I had originally thought. The previews wanted you to believe that this would be another sad episode because our doctors had to step up and help out victims of a mass-shooting at the local college. This meant that they all had to face their daemons from that dreaded day not too long ago, where they too were victims of a mass-shooting.  This episode could have been very dramatic and very over the top, but it was anything but and instead of ending on a depressing note, it ended with some of our favorite characters finding some peace.

The episode began with the couples. Meredith and Derek were arguing about Christina while trying to have sex; Christina and Owen were looking all lovey dovey as Owen commented on how much better she looked; Lexie and Mark were having fun make-up sex, and then there was Callie and Arizona. I have to say that I really like the way that Shonda Rhimes is portraying this relationship and I am glad that she is having Callie stick up for herself. Callie is right, Arizona needs to stop thinking all about herself and realize that she is not the only one hurting in their relationship. It will be interesting to see where this relationship goes from here on out.

There was also the formation of a new relationship in this episode. Teddy actually went through and married Henry (played the always handsome and easy on the eyes, Scott Foley.) How cute was he at the end when he told Teddy after she had to save the shooters life, that even though she saved a murder today, she also saved him. Oh  man, this will not end well.  Teddy and the audience are going to fall madly in love with Scott Foley (because let’s face it, we already have) and then he’s going to die or leave and Teddy is going to be heartbroken as will the audience. Wait haven’t we seen this storyline before?? Oh yeah…we did, with Denny. I really hope they aren’t recycling that storyline that would really put a damper on what has been a really good season so far.

Anyways, back to the main story of the week. So yeah, there was a mass shooting at a nearby college and our doctors had to step up and act like doctors. Avery got over his anger about the shooting, and made the mom of the college shooter; feel ok for wanting to know if her son was ok. Bailey had a beautiful great moment where she called the big guy upstairs a bastard because she her patients name was Chuck and when he started coding she called him Charles. I’ll admit, I cried a little at that moment because Chandra Wilson played it so well. We also saw Karev tell off Stark, who now thinks everyone in the hospital is crazy (hey he signed up for the job, so he should have known) and we also saw Christina come into her own again.

Christina FINALLY had a breakthrough and jumped right back into surgery to help Teddy fix a guy who turned out to be the shooter. It was great to see Christina rock in the O.R. again. It took half a season but she’s finally there. I loved that Teddy was so supportive. Man I really like Teddy this season, I don’t understand why people hate her so much. She’s been really fun to watch and her scenes with Christina were pretty great. Also great, seeing Meredith and Christina make up and move forward together. That was great way to end the episode.

So overall it was a surprisingly happy episode for what should have been depressing. I hope there are more like these in the future. What did everyone else think? Is anyone else starting to like Teddy, or am I the only one? Personally, she has really grown on me. I also am growing on Avery. I used to think he was annoying but I am starting to warm up to the guy. One person who does need to go is Stark though, he doesn’t understand our crazy crew and he needs to go, let’s hope it happens soon too!

One thought on “Grey’s Anatomy Review: The Healing has begun

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