Countdown To Some Really Bad News

When I first watched this weeks episode of How I met Your Mother, I initially thought that the bizarre countdown they had going may have been in reference to the new year because, quite frankly, I had no idea why they heck they were counting down numbers from fifty. The signs were there, they’ve been there all season, Marshall’s relationship with his Dad had been quite prominent since the season premier. So in actuality it shouldn’t have come as that much of a surprise when Lily came out of the cab and told Marshall that his dad had died. However, that is not what happened, instead it was utterly heartbreaking and it felt like I had just been attacked by an owl.

This season has certainly had its ups and downs and this episode was defiantly an example of a “up and down” episode, but after watching the episode twice (2nd time to look for all the numbers) I realized that it really was like a reminder episode of who these characters really are and what they all mean to each other. Marshall and Lily going to see the baby specialist to see why they weren’t getting pregnant was very fitting to their baby storyline this season.  Ted and Robin’s storyline about Robin’s first couple days at her job reminded us of how much their relationship has grown since the beginning and bringing back Sandy Rivers to remind us how silly Robin used to be and how silly Ted still is was quite fitting. We also met Barney’s doppelganger who was quite possibly the complete opposite of Barney. Those scenes also reminded us that Barney was still a crazy kid who hasn’t really grown up yet.

Its kind a funny how the two main shows I actually watched in real time last night were How I Met Your Mother and Greek, two shows that are about growing up, even if they are about different groups at different ages. Marshall has always been the best example of growing up on this show. He has shown the most development since the beginning in how as you get older growing up has to happen, that you can’t just stay a kid forever, even if you want to at times. From being the first to get married, to realizing that his dreams had to be placed on hold because if he wanted to start a family he needed to be financially secure, to now having to deal with the death of his father; this season has truly been about Marshall growing up and taking charge of his life with Lily right there beside him, as she always has been.

What is going to be interesting to see now is how HIMYM handles the next couple of episodes with how Marshall deals with his father’s death. I hate to say it but this sort of storyline could make or break this season. I feel that they could do it justice, because this show has that potential, but they have to do it right, otherwise it will go down as a wasted storyline. I have faith that this show can do well here and if so, I think we can expect some really great performances from Jason Segal (as proven last night), which is something that I am greatly looking forward to.


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