My Top 10 Best Shows of the Year. It’s been a great year for television, absolutely great, and it was hard for me to just choose ten. Here is what I narrowed it down to!

1. Mad Men

Season 4 started with a simple question “Who is Don Draper?” What we saw was Matthew Weiner’s portrayal of a man who had nearly lost everything and had to pick up the pieces and start all over again, single and heading up a new Ad agency. It was messy, it was painful, it made us laugh, and it made us cringe.  Then, on Labor Day weekend of all weekends, we got the seventh episode called The Suitcase. Mad Men went from having a good season to having on of its best seasons yet. The Suitcase was really a love letter to Don and Peggy and their relationship but I think it was also a love letter to the series. Don lost his beloved Anna, the only one who knew him, and when Peggy put her hand on Don’s back and said that wasn’t true, you could see just how far their relationship had come. It was a fantastic episode for both Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss. However, as amazing and dazzling as this episode was, I believe the following episodes like The Summer Man and The Beautiful Girls and even the finale Tomorrowland really showed why season four was utterly fantastic. I can’t wait to see where they go next in season five and I can bet that that season too, will be on my top ten list!

2. The Good Wife

I don’t even know where to begin in telling you why I love this show so much. To be quite honest, I never thought I would like. However this show has turned out to be one of my all time favorite shows because of its classiness, its subtlety and its great twists and turns. In this day and age, where the great shows are all on cable; The Good Wife stands as one of the best network dramas to hit our screens in quite awhile. With fantastic writing that has turned this drama into a political drama that is one to root for. The writing is brilliant and the acting is fantastic and what makes this show even better, is “the good wife” is far from good, and neither is any other character on the show. These characters have just as much complexity as any character on Mad Men or Breaking Bad. Here’s hoping it continues to stay this great way into 2011!

3. Breaking Bad

I don’t know how AMC did it but they truly struck gold when they picked up Mad Men and Breaking Bad because seriously these two shows are the best shows to be seen on television. This past season of Breaking Bad took this series to another level, showing just how far Walt and Jesse had really evolved as characters. This show is not a pretty show to watch, it’s rough and brutal yet when you see Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul on the screen you can’t take your eyes off them; they are completely mesmerizing. All of Season Three was fantastic from beginning to end but by far the best episodes were One Minute and Fly. The first show tremendous writing and acting from the entire cast, and the later showed how truly talented (and deserving of their Emmys), our two main characters are when they are alone together in room in front of a camera. This show is one for the history books people.

4. Friday Night Lights

This show has always been great, its never not been great. FNL is now in its final season (tear) and that has not stopped it from putting out some of its best episodes. Last season we got the emotional raw, maybe one of the best episodes ever in television history, episode called The Son. It showed just how great this show can really be when it’s not focused on just football. To be quite honest, this show has never been, just about football. It’s about the American family and a simple American town in Texas. When Matt finds out his father was killed in Iraq, you see emotional realism at its best. This season, we got an episode called Kingdom, and there is a scene where Coach Taylor, whose with his team at an away game, sit outside his hotel room, listening to four members of his team (Luke, Vince, Hastings, and Buddy Jr) goof off and talk and act like brothers. The expressions on his face are so real and honest and show just how talented Kyle Chandler really is as an actor. I could go on all day about this show, it’s that good and I will be sobbing like a baby, come February, when this show is finished.

5. Lost

There are MANY people out there who did not like the series finale of Lost. I am not one of them. Yes, I will concede that this show has never been perfect. However, no show has ever made me think as much as this show has. The finale season was extremely good, in my opinion.  I think we saw some of the best acting and writing this show had in its six seasons (maybe not as great as the first but maybe a close second.) I thought the last 15 minutes of the show were fantastic. Forget that the sideways world turned out to be limbo, and think about how awesome it was to see Jack forgive himself for all the mistakes he had made. I think that was the beauty of the episode. For six seasons we had to see Jack struggle so much and never let it all go. Then to finally see him let go and accept is destiny and forgive himself for all his guilt? That was beautiful and utterly heartbreaking and the main reason why I thought the ending was amazing. Yes there are people out there who will disagree but who cares;  I was satisfied and that’s all that matters.

6. Community

No show makes me laugh as much as Community does. It has a great cast of comedic people that make this show so fun and hilarious. This show does depictions and mockeries of pop culture better than almost any other show. Modern Warfare, their take on classics like The Matrix and Terminator, while having a paint gun war at the college was brilliant. Their Halloween and Christmas episodes this season were also brilliant. The characters are entertaining, the pairings are adorable, and Dan Harmon is amazing. I really hope that the Emmys will recognize this show because really, it’s the funniest show on television.

7.The Pacific

Many people will say that The Pacific was not as good as Band of Brothers. However, I really don’t think you can compare the two because both were two completely different stories that really showed you what each side of the war was like. The war in the Pacific was anything but a good war. It was a war that destroyed many people, as shown with Sledge (played beautifully by Joe Mazzello, who you can also see in The Social Network). The Pacific really did a great job at depicting the chaotic mess of the Pacific War and how it really affected our soldiers. There was nothing romantic or beautiful about the pacific war, which is why it is a complete contrast to the European war and why you can’t compare these two fronts.

It wasn’t until that last episode, Home, when I realized how great this miniseries really was. This show really captured the destructiveness this war had on its Soldiers who in the beginning were so eager to go and came home utterly destroyed and changed forever. When Sledge finally came home, damaged and lost and telling his best friend Sydney (Ashton Homes, who you may have recently seen in Nikita), I realized that Spielberg and Hanks really understood why it was/is so hard to understand The Pacific war. It was a great miniseries and, I know some people think that Spielberg and Hanks need to stop producing war miniseries, but I want more!

8. Modern Family

This sitcom has been a breath of fresh-air for the comedy genre. With a cast-ensemble mixed with crazy adults and their kids, how could this comedy not be hilarious? With great performances from nearly its entire cast, I never stop laughing when I watch this show. Go watch it, its amazing and hopefully will stay that way!

9. The Vampire Diaries

I believe that this show is the CWs best show. Better that True Bloods third season and better than most other dramas on network television, this show continues to amaze me with its constant twists and turns that it throws at me nearly every episode. I feel bad that it’s actually on the CW, because I don’t think it will ever get recognized for how good it really is. Nina Dobrev is a fantastic actress and when she shares the screen with Paul Weasley and Ian Somerhalder, the screen is on fire, and not just because of their hotness. They’re also supported by an amazing group of supporting actors and the creators have actually managed to have great storylines for them as well. I don’t just the show for Elena and her drama with Stefan and Damon; I watch because I am also fascinated by Tyler and Caroline, and Jeremy and Bonnie. I care about all of the characters, which is quite rare.

10.  The Walking Dead

This new AMC show was a breath of fresh air this late fall. AMC took the newest fad, zombies, and made it into dramatic gold. With only 6 episodes in their first season, The Walking Dead became AMC’s highest rated show and it was well deserved. Is it as good as Mad Men and Breaking Bad? No, but its still one of the best shows I watched this year. I can’t wait to see the next season and how they continue this story.

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