The Good Wife Review: Nine Hours

Christmas came early this year if you watched last night’s episode of The Good Wife.

The episode was title “Nine Hours” and it revolved around the nine hours that Lockhart, Gardner, Bond had to get a stay of execution for a man on death row, set to die that night. After this episode, I firmly believe that the best episodes of The Good Wife are ones where the episode only takes place during a few hours ( VIP Treatment, anyone?) This one sure did top the cake though. Not only did we get a very moving story about the man on death row, we also saw some fine acting from some of our characters.

From the moment that clerk called Alicia, I had a feeling that this episode was going to be great and thankfully I was proven right. In the early morning Alicia received a mysterious phone call from a clerk for a Judge who oversaw the case of the man on death row. The man’s name was Carter Wright and he had been accused of arson and 1st degree murder of his wife and her lover. From the moment that Alicia and Kalinda realized that he might have been innocent, I realized how new and different the episode was as opposed to others in the past. Typically the cases on The Good Wife don’t get that emotional, mainly because there is usually doubt casted about the clients innocence from the beginning of the episode. Usually, Alicia is skeptical about her clients innocence if they are in jail or accused of murder but this time, she was hell bent on proving this mans innocence. The case was really emotional and when Diane was able to get the mans daughter (who he hadn’t seen in ten years) to see him at the prison for only a millisecond really broke my heart. And then there was that scene at the end when Alicia pleaded with the judge about Wright’s innocence; that may have been some of the finest acting I have seen from Julianna Margulies.

One of the reasons that this episode was so fantastic was that it didn’t focus too heavily on the case and its inner workings, it also focused on Alicia, her family, Kalinda, and even Diane. While Alicia and Kalinda were working from Alicia’s home, Peter was preparing for his live debate, while his campaign team worked from his home and Jackie watched the kids. I absolutely loved when Zach opened the door and met Kalinda. His face was priceless and the way Kalinda acted around him just gave me more reasons to love her. Another reason to love Kalinda was how she slowly started to open up to Alicia about her former life. I love that these two have a great connection and that the actresses play off each other so well. When they were sitting on Alicia’s bed talking about Will Kalinda’s old life, and how life was playing tricks on Alicia was spellbinding.

There were other great moments in this episode as well. That opening scene where Alicia was dreaming about Will to her phone call with him about wanting a moment to talk to him about stuff. I just love how this show is so subtle about their love triangle and how real they make it. Alicia’s character is one of the more realistic characters on television and I think that is why this show is so interesting. The powers that be could have easily had Alicia start and affair with Will at the beginning of season two but instead they’ve made it realistically complicated.

More Reasons why this episode was great:

Peter telling that moderator that his marriage was none of his F*ing business. I am sure that will cause problems for him later but to be honest, his marriage is no ones business and that moderator should not have mentioned trivial celebrity gossip. It was a great moment for Chris Noth (wh after that scene sold me on his nomination for best supporting actor for the Globes.)

I love Cary and though I would have loved to have seen him interact with Kalinda in the episode, it was great to see him helping Lockhart, Gardner with their case. Not to mention that scene when Barry Scheck called him and Cary thought it was prank was priceless. I love Matt Czuchry.

I loved the final scene when Alicia sees Grace praying. It was a great callback to the episode last season when Alicia found Peter praying with the pastor. I would like to know why Alicia is so weirded out by religion though.

Overall it was fantastic episode. I know I have said this before but in all seriousness, Mad Men needs to watch out because this show is consistently getting better and better every episode and come August, I would not be surprised if they take the crown over my other favorite show. Congrats to Julianna, Chris Noth, and the show for their nominations for the Golden Globes. I wish them the best of luck!

I believe this will be my last review till the New Year! I wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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