The Mermaid Theory

I don’t know where to start in regards to this week’s How I Met Your Mother.

I laughed a lot, but I couldn’t tell if I was laughing with the episode or if I was laughing at the episode because it was just so off center from the rest of the season. Individually I thought every storyline was pretty funny but I think it would have worked better if they hadn’t put them all together in one episode. Let’s start with Ted.

Ted hangs out with Zoey’s husband, the Captain (played by Kyle McLaughlin) and they go out on a boat for a night. First off, I absolutely loved Marshall’s reason has to why the Captain is soo scary. I have often thought that about Kyle McLaughlin and I am so happy that HIMYM went there in this episode! Ted and the Captain both felt like they needed to hang out with each other because they felt they needed to do it for Zoey. After a couple of hours of Ted fearing for his life because of the Captain, they both realize that they get a long. However when Ted returns from his adventure with Zoey’s husband, he meets up with Zoey at the bar and they both deny that they have feeling for each other. We all know that this isn’t true and this is where I am beginning to have problems with Zoey’s storyline. Ted is a pretty moral guy and I honestly believe that he wouldn’t try anything to take Zoey away from her husband, but those last couple of seconds of the episode made me think that this is where Bays and Thomas are headed. I really hope I am wrong because I don’t want to see Ted’s character take a few steps back again.

Marshall and Robin decided to hang out together after Lily laughs at them when they say they hang out together all the time. However, the truth is they don’t and when they go to dinner alone, together, it gets very awkward very fast. This storyline would have been a lot better had they not gone to dinner and instead, gone to one of their favorite bars, like Little Minnesota or the Hoosier Hut.  I was glad when they both ended up getting drunk but I just wish that I didn’t have to sit through that awkward part of the dinner with them!

Now for the most random part of the episode: Lily and Barney’s fight. Ted kept forgetting when their fight actually happened, just like he did when he tried to tell his kids the story about the goat. I thought that Lily and Barney’s future storyline was great but that it didn’t really fit the theme of the episode because it was just so random. I didn’t care for Bob Sagat’s lapse of memory either! But it was great to see that we probably will get to see a pregnant lily sometime this season that was about the only thing that I liked about their storyline last night.

So I wonder how much longer Zoey is around to stay now that she and Ted have both “denied” their feelings for each other. I am still sticking to my theory that she is the step-mother in law, but I’ve been wrong before. I just hope that Bays and Thomas don’t decide to randomly kill off The Captain or have them get a quickie divorce so that Ted and Zoey can get together. I think that would be a little much. I also want at least one cute Barney and Robin scene next week before we go on break because we haven’t had one in awhile and I need my fix. Let’s hope that next weeks Christmas episode will redeem itself from this week’s disaster and end the year on a high note!

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