Shared Enemies, Unlikely Friends (or Romances?)

Gossip Girl aired a terrific mid season finale to what has been their best season yet. Not only did it wrap up the Juliet story but it also opened several others that, I imagine, will last till the end of the season. I was very very impressed with this episode that I am still in shock! I mean, they managed to get all their shit together into one episode without making it look too over the top! BRAVO! Seriously, I could not be more in love with this show than I already am!

So let’s get the most buzzworthy part about the episode: Dan and Blair.

For awhile now these two have always been at each others throats but throughout the past couple of seasons you really get to see that Blair and Dan mutually understand each other in a way that no one else on the show does. They don’t bring out the worst in each other like Blair and Chuck do from time to time and same for Dan and Serena. Instead, they come together most of the time out of their utter devotion to Serena. Because of this, they already see a little good in the other. But tonight, we saw that it extends beyond Serena. Blair called Dan out on the fact that he hasn’t been writing, something that neither Serena NOR Vanessa ever mentioned.

Throughout the whole episode we saw these two bicker back and forth like an old married couple, fighting about the car, directions, how to track down Juliet all while Damien (the return of Kevin Zeiger, who I LOVE by the way) was in the back listen to his IPod, like he was their kid. It was undeniably amazing and it really showed that this show has come along way since last season’s disaster. My favorite argument last night:

Blair: Is the pedal to the metal? Because I swear if I shoved my feet through the floor I could run faster. At least there’s no radio so I’m sparred your horrid taste in music. I think we were supposed to turn there.

Dan: You know, I’d tell you to stop being such a backseat driver, but how can you be one when you don’t even know how to drive?

Anyways, I love these two and I really love the idea of them being alone in the city together with no one else to hang out with. Dan, I think he could survive, but Blair, she can’t and with Humphrey there you just know she’s going to be knocking on his door sooner rather than later. It will be interesting to see what happens between these two. I like the idea of having them get together for a while. Have you noticed that Dan realized last night that he needs to be Dan Humphrey again and NOT Serena’s boyfriend, like Blair realized that she needed to be Blair Waldorf before she could be Chuck Bass’s girlfriend? Blair and Dan both have similar journeys ahead for them and I wouldn’t be surprised if they seek comfort in each other along the way.  Will it damage their friendships and relationships with Chuck and Serena? Hell Yes it will, which is why they may not tread into that territory but I do not think that is Gossip Girl’s style. I think this relationship is going to be explored, much to many fans dismay, but will it last? No, but it certainly will be entertaining to watch!

Now on the ending (or beginning?) of the Serena-Juliet-Ben storyline

Juliet ran away and Blair and Dan went to hunt her down at the same time Serena decided that even though she didn’t do anything wrong, maybe some therapy might be good for her after all. Through this we learn that Ben, Juliet’s brother and co conspirator in taking Serena down, was her teacher at the boarding school in Connecticut. Serena had a mad crush on him and it went south real quickly when young Damien saw them together at a hotel after Ben’s car got a flat tire. Lily finds out about the rumors of Serena sleeping with her teacher and uses it to get Serena back to Constance in New York. Sadly, poor Ben ends up in jail for something he never did. When Serena finds out from Juliet that Ben is in jail she goes to confront her mother. Lily says she did it out of love but we all know that the only person Lily looks out for is Lily and everyone sees this, Rufus, Chuck, Eric, Blair, Dan, Serena, and Nate.

Chuck also finds out that Lily is selling Bass industries and he is furious. Lily really wasn’t having a good day because she pretty much lost everyone she loved in one episode. But I don’t feel bad for her, she had it coming. Chuck then flew off to New Zealand to find Jack, the devil, so he can get his company back. That won’t end well.

Nate’s storyline revolved around his Dads upcoming parole and where his Dad was going to go after he was released. Nate is quick to believe that his Dad is up to no good because he wanted to get a lease on a house outside the city for Nate and his mother. His mother uses this as an excuse to flee from the marriage yet again much to Nate’s dismay. Anne is almost as bad as Lily, almost. Anyways when Nate’s dad is released, he is going to stay at The Empire with Nate. That too will not end well.

The episode ended with the gang, Blair, Serena, Dan, Chuck, and Nate having a nice Christmas dinner together. It was a great scene seeing all of them together being civil and it is one of the things I love most about this show, when they get this core group together to just have fun!  Then as everyone left, we were left with Dan and Blair doing dishes together and bickering away and then we end with Serena going to see Ben at Jail. I am excited to see where both these developments lead. I like Ben and I think he and Serena have a lot of Chemistry. It will be very entertaining to see where GG goes from this point but I can’t wait! So till next time! XOXO!

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