What I am thankful for this year

It’s that’s time of year to give thanks and I have alot to be thankful for this year! Here is my list and I hope you enjoy!

-Gossip Girl’s current season and it finally having a great storyline. GG went off the deep end last year but this year it has bounced back to becoming one of it’s best seasons yet. I love the character of Juliette and I hope that she can stay for a bit longer.
– Kurt on Glee. Glee may not be as amazing as last season but I really love his storyline. Which brings me to DARREN CRISS! I am absolutely 100% thankful that this amazing man is on my television!
– Nikita and Covert Affairs. Since Alias ended in 2006, I have been missing my weekly dose of female spy power. Though both new shows have nothing on Alias and neither character is as amazing as Sydney Bristow (though I am starting to really love Maggie Q), they have been quite fun to watch.
-Cougar Town keeping it’s title!
-Julia Stiles on Dexter. She has always been one of my favorite actresses and I think she’s been a great addition to the Dexter cast.
– How I Met Your Mother. The show has been pretty amazing this season and I feel that we are finally getting somewhere with the mother storyline. Though many don’t like Zoey, I do and it’s probably because I know that she most likely will not end up being the mother. Plus Barney has been amazing this season as usual!
-KaDee Strickland’s Charlotte. If this woman doesn’t get nominated for an emmy this year than I will be furious.
– Greys Anatomy being great again. Who knew that a mass shooting would have been the best thing to happen to this show. But hey if it works it works!
-The Walking Dead being super amazing! It’s like Lost and a really great modern western. Each episode is great, the cast is great and the art and cinematography. Everything about this show is amazing.
– Modern Family’s Manny! I love this Kid and I never want him to change!
-Community being the funniest show on television!
-The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev, and Ian Somerhalder! The show and writing is amazing, Nina deserves an Emmy and Damon Salvatore is the sexiest man on television! Love love love this show!
-I am very thankful for Fringe. The show has never been better and Anna Torv is just amazing. But I am NOT thankful for fox moving it to Friday!

-The Good Wife being the most amazing show on television. I love the subtly of this show, I love it’s intelligence, I love the triangle, and most of all I LOVE Kalinda.
And finally:
-Season 4 of Mad Men. Specifically “The Suitcase.” Peggy and Don’s relationship has always been one of my favorite parts about Mad Men but this season topped the cake. Their platonic relationship has never been more beautiful and I hope it continues to stay that way!

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