How I Met Your Mother’s Thanksgiving episode may not have been as great as Slapsgiving but it sure did have its charm and was certainly and improvement from Robin Sparkles. This year we were delighted to meet the “Blitz”, a guy Ted, Lily, and Marshall knew from College. The Blitz was played by Jorge Garcia, you know Hurley from Lost. With his presence brought a ton of Lost related jokes, which may not have been very subtle but hey as a Lost fan, I thought they were great!

As I said earlier, The Blitz was a guy Ted knew from college, and every time he said he was going to call it a night, something awesome happened; in college the Blitz went home early for the night and the next thing Marshall and Ted know a naked girl walks into their room. Anyways because Ted ducked out early the night before Thanksgiving, he in essence became the next Blitz. He apparently missed out on an awesome night, which included the gang meeting Zoey and deciding that she was awesome and she ends up crashing at Ted and Robins place. Ted is not happy and things only get worse when his plans to have thanksgiving at his place get ruined (because Robin danced on the oven) and they end up having to have Thanksgiving at Zoey’s. This leads to Zoey and Ted fighting and him finding out that she didn’t get to go to Thanksgiving with her husband and his daughter. Ted feels bad and he makes up with Zoey and they all have a nice thanksgiving at her place. Oh and Barney becomes the new Blitz until the very end when Hurley becomes the Blitz again. I do hope we see him again because he did add for some great comedy!

OK sooo now back to that theory I had a few weeks ago about Zoey (you can find it here My theory is that Zoey is NOT the mother but that she is related to The Mother. I have this weird feeling that Hannah, The Captain’s daughter, is going to end up being The Mother making Zoey the step mother in law.  Why add her name in this episode if it isn’t going to be used later? They never mentioned if the Captain’s daughter was in the city or not, just that Zoey wasn’t invited. Its also been revealed that Kyle McLaughlin is going to be back next episode making my theory right that he does have a bigger role than just one episode.  I honestly feel that he is inadvertently forming a relationship with his in-laws before meeting his daughter Hannah, who I bet just happens to live with a certain girl we met last year named Cindy.

Favorite moments last night

After Barney realizes he’s the Blitz:

Barney: You’re all the Blitz! I slept with that cute Indian girl that cuts my hair.
Robin: What does that have to do with anything?
Barney: Nothing I just forgot to brag about it before!

“You sent a wang out and got a wang back.”- Robin about Marshall sending a pic of his “wang” to a random number.

Barney: Robin! Robin! I will pay you to be the Blitz. A hundred dollars, no! Ten thousand dollars, no! Sixty bucks. What’s a lot of money to someone like you

After Zoey dares Marshall to send a picture of his Junk to a complete stranger:

Zoey: Alright everyone shout out Random numbers!|
Steve:4 8 15  16 23 42  (which as you know are the numbers from Lost)- Hilarious!!!

“I was on that island for what seems like eternity. I’m going to enjoy things on the other side.”- Steve complaining about being the Blitz and how he was happy to not be it any longer but really it was a GREAT reference to Jorge Garcia’s previous gig on Lost. I was on the floor laughing after this one.

One thought on “Blitzgiving

  1. AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggg Zoe is ruining this show for me. Can she go away and never come back? I HATE this character so much and i never hated a TV character before but she gets on my nerves.

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