Gwyneth Paltrow is Amazing

Gwyneth Paltrow has made her comeback. Mark my words, she has risen again and I think this time, she is here to stay.

After “lost decade” (Bounce anyone? Or shall I bring up Shallow Hal??), Gwyneth has come back to Hollywood in full force. She was amazing on the CMA awards (sounding better live than Taylor Swift could ever dream of) and last night her performance on Glee was extremely fresh, often reminding me of another perky blonde, April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth, where are you this season??) Her performance really held up the cast last night in ways that Matthew Morrison has extremely lacked.  Can Gwyneth please stay on Glee forever??

Last night, the flu hit the faculty of McKinley High School and it plagues a few students, Principal Figgins and Mr. Shue. Sue is beyond excited because now she is Principal and she has taken over. In Mr. Shue’s absence, we meet his substitute for his Spanish class, Holly Holliday(Gwyneth). She is anything but Mr. Shue because she is up to date on everything and tries to relate to the kids; talking about Lindsey Lohan and tweeting and all that hip stuff. She ends up getting to be the substitute for the Glee club and the kids(except for Rachel) love her; she sings Cee-Lo’s “F*You”(cleverly dubbed Forget You) and everyone is impressed. Hell I am impressed! Rachel also takes a liking to her because Holly listens to her and agrees to sing a mashup of two Chicago tunes while they dress up and dance like Velma and Roxie. It is AWESOME.

Holly even gets along with Sue (they watched Animal Hoarders together, and while they highlighted their hair; an Instant classic in my book!), who has now become permanently the Princepal and fired Will, replacing him with Holly. She also made it her mission to ban all junk food in school and she takes away the tots that everyone loves. This really bugs Mercedes who is depressed because Kurt has a new bff in Blaine (LOVE LOVE LOVE Darren Criss! So glad he is a series regular next season!) Holly can’t take the disappointment and she ends up giving Will his job back but not before they flirt a little and then he brings her in to sing a mash up of Singing in the Rain and Rihanna’s Umbrella. It is pretty amazing. There was also a storyline with Will and Terri but frankly it was not as impressive as Holly Holliday and her ever changing roles.

The episode was fresh and it reminded me of early season one episodes. I am hopping that this episode is the mark of Glee coming back into its own again. I love this show so much but I am still worried that it has lost its way. Last night proved me wrong, mainly because of Gwyneth, but the writing was sharp too. It was one of Glee’s strongest episodes this season. Oh and I think Gwyneth should just get the Emmy now for best guest actress. Her performance was amazing and she NEEDS to be rewarded, NOW! I am also going to mention this now but anyone else think Gwyneth could go all the way towards an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony)? With her new singing career and this performance on Glee, I think she could very well work her way towards the EGOT! Here’s hoping!!!

Great Quotes:

“Wow, your wife is kind of a bitch!” –Holly to Will

Hoarders and red wine? I’m buzzzzzzzed!!!” –Holly bonding with Sue

“Practice your bipolar rants. See, history can be fun!” Holly – She is dressed up as Mary Todd Lincoln! I nearly died laughing!

“Mr. Schu taught me the second half of the alphabet. I stopped after M and N. I thought they sounded too similar and got frustrated.”-Brittany

“When I showed this to Brittany, she whimpered and thought I cut down a small tree where a family of gummy people lived.”-Sue on a piece of broccoli.

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