Katerina, Katherine, Elena

Katherine [to Elena]: I will always look out for myself. If you’re smart, you’ll do the same.

I just want to get this out of the way first: Can we please start the Emmy campaign for Nina Dobrev?? I mean seriously, we NEED to start it like NOW because this woman is fantastic. The majority of the episode was all her and she pretty much ended up stealing the whole show. Her Bulgarian in the beginning of the episode was flawless as was her English accent and then to see her as modern day Katherine and Elena was exceptional. You really do not see this type of acting out there today. She is utterly brilliant and she NEEDS to be recognized for her exceptional work.

Ok Now that I am done we can get on to the storyline of the episode. Tonight, we got some pretty heavy answers; we got the truth about why Katherine is really in Mystic Falls and what Klaus (the ORINGIAL vampire) wants. We learned last week that the moonstone breaks the vampire curse (and werewolf curse too) but last night we learned what that meant. To break the curse you need the Doppleganger, a descendent of the Patrova line (Katherine’s family) and they were created to break the sun and moon curse. You have to sacrifice their blood to undo the curse. However that is not the only one part to undoing the curse; not only do you need the doppelganger (Elena), you need a vampire (Caroline), a werewolf (was supposed to be Mason but now is Tyler), and a witch (Bonnie). Katherine came back to Mystic Falls to bring all these people together and then invite Klaus so he could undo the curse. Oh and I forgot to mention, if he undoes the curse first, then the werewolves have to stay werewolves forever. Pretty interesting twist.

Anyways, after learning all of this Elena becomes a teary-eyed mess because she realizes that she is the reason all of her friends might die. Hopefully this does not really happen because frankly, I like Caroline, Tyler, and Bonnie and I don’t want to see them die. Before I forget, Damon also does some snooping around about Klaus as well, with Rose and we meet a nerdy vampire names Slater. Unfortunately Slater is destroyed by Elijah who is working with Mystic Falls newest resident Dr. Jonas Martin, a warlock. His son, Luka is one as well and he befriends Bonnie, much to Jeremy’s displeasure. Damon and Rose also have sex and I am kind of glad they did because poor Damon needs some action while he suffers in torment for Elena.

I know I said a long time ago that I thought the triangle was great because I couldn’t choose between Stefan and Damon but I have to say, I think I have chosen. I love Stefan to pieces and I think he really cares for Elena but I don’t think he could EVER love Elena the way Damon does. Damon’s love is pure and beautiful and I think he would move mountains to save her. Last weeks confession to this weeks torment really had me convinced that his love for her is unconditional to the fullest extent. Sadly, I don’t see them getting together unless she turns into a Vampire or Stefan goes away for awhile. Damon loves his brother almost as much as he loves Elena and to me that is quite extraordinary.

I hate that we have to wait till December 2 to see what happens next! I hate three week breaks! I guess it gives me more time to theorize! Hope you guys liked this episode as much as I did!


One thought on “Katerina, Katherine, Elena

  1. you are right about everthing i got to idmeet but downt you think that it would be bether if Damon tells Kalon that he has a dobbol ganger but insted of given hem Elena he gives hem katherin to sper Elanas life and that way Elana would be grat foll and for some strang reson she remembers that damon tolled her that (i love you and becuz i love you i cant be selfish with you. i downt disrv you but my brother dus disrv you) know that woud be good. I get that stefon loves her but it lookes to me that the one that dus disrv her is Damon i mean he is the one how put his life at risk he safed her and she thancked Stefon and nothing for Damon the one how stabed Kalon. Elena remember evr thing and she dusent tell in one but she likes that marory and some way or some how she stors filling some thing for Damon that would be a good twist i now that that is not waht you had in mind but that would be good.

    : )

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