Natural History

When I saw the promos for this weeks How I met your Mother, I was a little afraid it might be another “robots vs wrestlers” episode from last season, where the gang attended that fancy party and Ted acted like a pretentious snob. This episode involved our lovable gang going to a fancy party at the Natural History museum that GNB is hosting. There at the party, the gang breaks off into their usual pairings, Lily and Marshall, Ted, and Barney and Robin and each have their own great storyline which made this episode pretty great in my book (still not as great as “baby talk” though.)

Let’s start with Ted and his continuing storyline with the annoying Zoey (Jennifer Morrison.) Don’t get me wrong, I don’t exactly hate this storyline but Zoey is a little annoying and I think Ted called her out very appropriately, especially when he called her a “bored little trophy wife who likes to play activist when the stops on Fifth Ave are closed.” I am glad that Ted got to see Zoey in a new light ( I liked the “Bring it on Princess” at the end); he now knows that she isn’t all hippie as she makes herself out to be. Their banter in this episode is quite funny and Ted really stole the show with his one-liners like “Oh my God, you have a monocle! Is this real? Is this really happening? Good luck killing James Bond” or how he acted like a 5-year old when he “shouted” obscene phrases across the room because the architecture allowed it to be like you were standing right next to someone. The only problem I have still is that I don’t know where his relationship with Zoey’s headed. She’s married and it seems like she is happy, so this makes me believe that she is not the mother. However, they say that Jennifer Morrison is around for much of the season, which makes me believe something is going to happen. I just wish I knew what it was!!

**!Update: Soo I rewatched the episode again and I have a new theory about who Zoey might be.  Maybe she is not the mother…maybe she is the “mother in-law.” Her husband, Kyle McLaughlin (Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives) is old enough to have a daughter who could easily be Cindy’s  (Rachel Bilson) age and quite possibly, Cindy’s roommates age.  As far as I am concerned Zoey looks happy in her marriage. She may have a little crush on Ted, but she is a good person. My guess, she is the mother in law. You don’t cast an actor like Kyle McLaughlin for just an episode. He is going to be around here and there for sure. What does everyone else think?**

Now let’s talk about Lily and Marshall. I think many of us have known for awhile that Marshall had become comfortable with his job at GNB. He also cares A LOT about Lily, and like most husbands, their main concern is providing a good life for their family and staying at GNB makes the most sense. It was nice to see the return of college Lily and college Marshall and SCOTTER!! I love that guy! I am glad that they stressed the point that even though Lily fell in love with liberal college Marshall; Corporate Marshall has never stopped loving Lily, cheated on her, and that he will be able to spoil Lily and their children. It made for a very sweet story and proved why Lily and Marshall is such a great couple.

Finally we get to my favorite story of the night, Barney and Robin. I love how the writers are subtly bringing these two back into each others lives more and more this season. Their competition of ignoring the “do not touch” sign was brilliantly played. At the beginning of the episode Barney informs everyone that when he was six, he knocked down the giant blue whale in the front of the lobby. Robin called him out on it and said his story was BS. We then got awesome scenes of them running amok around the Museum touching stuff they weren’t supposed to touch like Barney touching Robin’s ass, “Get your hand, off my ass!” and then there was the “niled it” scene when he’s dressed up as a pharaoh! Then when they got caught, the security guard confirmed Barney’s story about knocking down the Whale (I especially loved the Last Dragon reference “Who’s your Master, Leroy…that had me on the floor!) However after all the fun and games it quickly changed when the security guard revealed a big surprise to Barney and Robin.

We already knew that Barney’s father would play a central role in his character this season after that episode with his brother but I was not expecting that big reveal this soon or that Barney already knew the man. I love the way they set it up though, so that at the moment, Robin is the only one who knows his secret and it’s not just a small secret, it’s a huge one. They have already grown closer again this season and I feel that the search for his father/uncle Jerry, is going to be the spark that brings these two back together and personally, I cannot wait. Maybe once Barney meets his father he will start to change and realize he wants a life with just Robin or maybe that’s just my inner fan girl talking. Anyways, I loved the scene and I can’t wait for more!

I really like this season of How I Met Your Mother. Its been really great and funny and I am always left wanting more the instant it is over. I can’t wait for next weeks episode! Robin Sparkles returns!!!!

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