Juliet Doesn’t Live here Anymore

Everything about last nights episode of Gossip Girl had me screaming for joy. There really hasn’t been a single bad episode this season and it seems like every episode finds a way to pay homage to season one and it was especially shown in this episode, Juliet doesn’t live here anymore. Why, is it one of GG’s best? Well let’s see:

□       Chuck and Blair having a ton of sex? Check

□       Serena having to choose between many men? Check

□       Chuck and Blair limo sex? CHECK

□       Serena and Blair moments? Check

□       Vanessa being annoying as always? Check

□       Massive takedown a la season one style? CHECK

□       Jenny Humphrey planning a massive takedown? Check

Juliet’s story though is starting to really confuse me more and more though. I love her character and I think that they need to kick Vanessa to the curb and permanently add Katie Cassidy to the line-up. I just want to know why Ben is in jail, why they hate Serena and why Juliet is soo tied up in her brother’s drama. Girl needs to cut her loses. But this is GG so yeahh that is not going to happen. Colin finally realizes this and cuts her off after she exposed his relationship with Serena to the Dean of Columbia. Man I love how the Dean thinks the UESiders are ridiculous, though I think she secretly enjoys their drama as much as we do!

Serena realizes that after an episode of going back and forth about being with Colin, she realizes that she doesn’t really want to be with in the end. Instead she wants Dan, who she’s been running away from. Sadly, Nate gets to her first and tells her he still wants to give them another chance. I really hope she doesn’t choose Nate personally, I find them very boring. I actually like Serena single because her drama being single is way more exciting when she isn’t tied down.

Blair and Chuck have lots and lots of hate sex in this episode but Blair decides that it needs to stop. This is not what Chuck sees and he spends the rest of the episode trying to get Blair to sleep with him as much as possible so they get warn out of each other. I really don’t think that would have worked and it doesn’t actually. Instead we see a beautiful scene at the end of the episode where Blair and Chuck agree to be friends and then he kisses her ever so sweetly and swoops her in his arms and carries her up the stairs to where they would have lovey-dovey sex as opposed to all the hate sex they had been having. I loved it. I loved it very much!

I have to say the Blair-Chuck-Serena-Nate takedown of Juliet was epic. I haven’t seen them in that sort of fashion since the end of season 2 when they went to take down that Gabriel guy (who by the way is Armie Hammer, the hottie crew guy from The Social Network) and his girlfriend Poppy. Hmmmmm I wonder, maybe Ben, Juliet’s cousin got wrapped up in that ponzy scheme and that’s why he is going after Serena? Maybe, maybe not…who knows but still the takedown was awesome. I can’t wait to see how NCBS takedown Vanessa-Jenny-Juliet. I feel that is going to be the most awesome takedown in Gossip Girl history and frankly I cannot wait! till next time XoXo.


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