The Walking Dead

On Halloween, AMC premiered their much anticipated new show The Walking Dead. It is a show about Zombies and in a world where shows about Vampires and Werewolves have taken over; having a show about Zombies is very refreshing. For one, I highly doubt, actually I think I can 99% guarantee that we are NOT going to see any of the characters fall in love with Zombies, or have a Zombie have a conscious and say that he hates eating human flesh, it’s just not going to happen. The Walking Dead doesn’t completely feel like an AMC show and because of that, I think it shows real character for AMC; their shows don’t have always have to be so slow paced or so serious and depressing. The Walking Dead is more fun and adventurous than it is serious and frankly I like that!

The show centers around a man named Rick Grimes, a policeman who was shot at the beginning of the episode, wakes up a few weeks (maybe months? I don’t remember them actually specifying how much time had actually passed) later to find that his world had completely been turned upside down…and taken over by Zombies. After leaving the hospital he runs to see if his family is still alive, only to find an empty house. There he meets Morgan Jones and his son, who are the only humans still living in their suburban town. Rick finds out that it is believed that Atlanta is currently a refugee city for humans and believes that his family, his wife and son, are there. Morgan tells him he can’t go with him because his wife is a Zombie and he just can’t bare to shoot her just yet.

It was an interesting look at how one has to deal with their loved one turning into a monster and they can’t do anything about it. I loved the parallel between Morgan and Rick when Rick came across one of his co-workers, another cop, Leon. Rick says that he may have been a terrible cop but he doesn’t deserve to live as a Zombie, so Rick shoots him, putting him out of his misery. When Morgan has the chance the shoot his wife, he can’t do, you see his inner struggle and pain. I really thought that was a very interesting way to start a series and I thought it worked very well.

Other Things I Really enjoyed:

*I loved the make up of the Zombies; they made it look much more real and haunting as opposed to other Zombie movies where they make it so blatantly obvious. I loved the scenery they used and the way they made everything look so dead. It made the mood soo much more haunting.

*I like Andrew Lincoln (Rick). I think he is a great addition to the leading Men of AMC. He is like a combination of all three of AMC’s leading men. He’s got a certain confidence like Jon Hamm, he’s badass yet conflicted like Bryan Cranston, and he’s a quiet loner type like James Badge Dale. Yeah, Andrew fits in pretty damn well.

*That last scene with Rick in the tanker, hearing that human voice, and then seeing thousands of Zombies swarm the city of Atlanta was amazing; a perfect way to leaving an audience hanging till the next week. I hope all their episodes end on a climax like that, it will seriously leave me wanting more!

Things I hope they work on:

*I did not care for Rick’s wife and his partner kissing. I get that there probably needs to be some romance and all, but I think the whole guy hooking up with his best friends’ wife is a little over done, and AMC should be above that. Hopefully it doesn’t last.

Other than that, it was an awesome episode and I seriously can’t wait for the next five episodes to get some questions answered and to see how they play this season out. I want to what caused the Zombie outbreak, how long Rick was in a coma, and who that voice was on the radio! I am sure they will all be answered in time though and I think it’s already been picked up for a second season, so it should be interesting!  Till next time!

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