The Good Wife Review: V.I.P. Treatment

The Good Wife is the best show on broadcast television. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it; it is, in the words of Tina Turner, simply the best. They have an amazing cast who always seem to nail every scene and make you want more. It is more than just a law drama; it actually takes you into the real parts of law, the parts the lawyers do not want you to see. Last night’s episode, “VIP Treatment” showed us just that. Instead of showing us the typical court room drama, they took us to the very beginning, when they first get a controversial case, and how the begin to handle it. They discuss everything from the evidence to the lack of evidence to how it will affect the firm, and how it will affect them as lawyers.

In “VIP Treatment,” a LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) comes to Lockhart, Gardner, Bond and tells them she wants to sue Joe Kent, the most “beloved democrat in the United States” and Nobel Peace Prize winner for his work with African Women. According to the masseuse, Lara, Joe Kent sexually assaulted her after she was called up to give him a message. No one at the firm wanted to believe her.  Her story at first, didn’t add up and the facts were vague, even I was skeptical as to whether this chick was telling the truth. This is one of the things I love about this show, it brings the audience in and makes them question, along with the characters, who and who not to believe. Diane, Will, Derrick, and Alicia go back and forth for four hours trying to figure out whether this chick is lying. They have Kalinda and Blake snoop around to gather facts and evidence. Eventually it’s discovered that this woman is telling the truth but it is too late, she is  very tired and no longer wants to file a suit. Seeing Alicia made her realize that she doesn’t want attention from the press and that by suing the most beloved democrat in America, she would be made out to be the evil one, not him. I thought it was a very interesting twist to a very interesting story. I loved that last scene with Lara and Alicia in the elevator, I think it spoke volume to Alicia’s character, how she too didn’t want the attention and wished she had an option herself.

Other Notes:

I’ve always loved Scott Porter, I thought he was wonderful in Friday Night Lights but I always pictured him as a pretty boy who just thought he could act. But after tonight, I am completely convinced that he is more than just a pretty face. I really enjoyed the contrasting of the ways Blake and Kalinda go about investigating. Blake is rough and leaves things messy, he steals, and he personally, doesn’t give a crap; Kalinda is cautious and careful but she gets results. At the moment I still love Kalinda more, but Blake is growing on me.

Then there is Cary and Peter and Eli. I almost wonder if Childs told Cary to drop the case because he knew that Joe Kent was going to endorse Peter, linking their two stories together. If so, then Childs is smarter than any of us has given him credit for. The scenes Peter had tonight were awesome. I loved that he was acting like a teenager in regards to Alicia’s phone and the text messages she received from Will. I am glad that Peter is showing signs of jealousy, it shows that he truly does care about Alicia.

And OMG I even liked Elisabeth Reaser for once! After her crazy role on Grey’s, I’ll admit I thought she was a little annoying, but tonight, she really amazed me! She has such great chemistry with Josh Charles AND Chris Noth. I mean how awesome was that scene with Tammy and Peter; both outsiders to their significant others who are totally in love with each other. I will admit thought, I really thought that scene with Will and Tami on the dance floor was very sweet. I am glad that Will is moving on; there is a time and place for Will and Alicia but it’s just not there yet.

I love this show and I am sad that there is a two-week break! But that is OK because Michael J. Fox appears in the next episode! It will be well worth the break!

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