How I Met Your Mother: Baby Talk

I haven’t done a review yet for this show and I felt I finally should because I recently finished catching up on the entire series this past weekend. I just want to state that I absolutely love this show; it is up there in my top five current favorite shows. This season has defiantly gone back on track as opposed to last season where is fell apart. I thoroughly enjoyed the Subway Wars episode in which they listed off reasons of what it meant to truly be a New Yorker and added a competition to it; I especially loved that last scene when Barney let Robin win. Last week we met Zoey van Smoot, a crazy activist chick who has left an impression on Ted. I liked the addition of this woman, I don’t think she is the mother of his children, but I do like Jennifer Morrison’s presence on the show. The character seems to fit in well with the cast.

This week’s episode was yet another great episode for this great season. It focused less on Ted and more on Lily and Marshall and Barney and Robin. One thing I love about How I Met Your Mother, is that they discuss realistic matters in their relationships. Lily and Marshall have set off to have a baby. The show hasn’t made it easy for them either, and I appreciate that because it makes their relationship even more realistic. This weeks episode brought up the issue about having a boy vs. having a girl. Obviously Lily wanted a girl and Marshall wanted a boy and it caused them to do wacky rituals to get what they wanted. Marshall had legit fears about having a girl, all he could envision was his daughter becoming a stripper and marrying an older Barney who had had too much plastic surgery that he ended up looking like a ken doll. So he went to his Dad for help and his dad told him about the Erikson baby making rituals that would guarantee him a boy. Lily was also reading up on rituals that would help make them a girl. It was all cute and funny and serious when Marshall and Lily decided that it wouldn’t matter what they had because no matter what they would love their child. These two are going to be great parents!

Robin had a tough week this episode. She has a new co-anchor named Becky, and Becky is a little, well she’s pretty much an adult little girl and she keeps stealing Robin’s spotlight. Robin hates her and then finds out from Ted, that the reason people like Becky is because she makes men feel good about themselves because she allows them to take care of her. Ted finds this out of course because he went out on a date with her. What an idiot. He ends up telling Robin that Robin never made him feel like that when they were dating because Robin was always so independent. I was thankful when Robin went to see Barney and he told her that that was the thing he loved most about her because I relate to Robin in the aspect, I am very independent, and it was great to see that Barney thought that was one of her best personality traits! I feel like these two are on the road to getting back together, its so obvious that these two are still very much in love with each other and because of that, I do not mind waiting for it to happen. I am enjoying the slow build-up!

Oh yeah, Barney also got to bang a girl while talking like a little boy, only because he met a girl who talked like “mommy.” It was weird and annoying but it worked, especially when he was in Marshall’s dream as a dried up Ken Doll.  Neil Patrick Harris was wonderful in this episode.

It was a great episode and I am so happy that this show has finally gotten back on track.  I already can’t wait for next week!

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