Easy J

Oh Gossip Girl, you were doing so great in this episode…that is until you decided to go and mess it all up at the end! Look I think it’s great that you’ve added this new mystery storyline this season because it’s actually showing that the writers can write a story that isn’t ALL about Chuck and Blair and Serena and Dan or Serena and Nate and yadi yadi yah. BUT adding more mystery to an already ambiguous mystery is a bit much. I am already confused about why Juliet is helping Ben and what Serena did in to him and now Juliet is also linked to Joan Harris’ slimy husband? (Colin, the new Professor)??? REALLY?? You can’t keep making a mystery on top of a mystery, it’s annoying and that technique only belonged to one show and that one show was Lost and look how that turned out!!! Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwarz, just watch what you are doing because you guys have been on really good streak this season. Don’t ruin it by trying to be all clever with this mystery by making too confusing!

In other events, Jenny came back because she had an interview at Parson’s, a really good Fashion school that is headed by Tim Gunn. Chuck set up the interview which brought Jenny back; it was meant specifically to hurt Blair; as usual schemes began, threats made, damage done, and in the end Chuck and Blair made a truce…for now.

Nate’s dad makes his first appearance since leaving us back way back in season 1. Nate goes to visit him at the local prison, where he’s now been transferred to, and runs into Juliet. Nate tells Juliet the truth about his dad and Juliet lies about why she is really at the prison. She also tells her brother that Nate’s dad is now an inmate with him. As a message to Juliet to dump Nate, Ben has Nate’s dad hurt. Juliet received the message loud and clear and ends up breaking up with Nate.

Serena began to fall for Colin, that slutty businessman we met last episode and he ended up being her new professor for a business class. Colin told her he liked and that she should drop the class and Serena began to think about it. Then she ran into her mom at the party she was attending with Colin and Lily finally knocked some sense into her by using reverse psychology. Lily said that Serena’s pretty face was all she needed to get by in this world and that an education was just a formality, it was brilliant! She knew that Serena did not want to become her, just like Lily didn’t want to become her mother, and Serena ended up taking the high road and sticking with the class. However as a bonus, Colin said he’d wait for, which was sweet. Well it was sweet at first and then you find out that Juliet knows him and it all get’s confusing again.

Next week should be very interesting; it’s more scheming and backstabbing and NO Jenny; hopefully no Vanessa too! I really hope they can make this storyline with Juliet work. I have a feeling she and her brother have a connection to that guy Serena killed back in Season 1. That is the only thing that I can come up with that makes this whole revenge thing plausible. Chuck and Blair need to have sex to deal with all their tension and I think that might be happening soon. Dan needs a new storyline now that Vanessa is gone so please give him one!

Till next time, XoXo.


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