Mad Men: Tomorrowland

“I hope she knows you only like the beginning of things.”

Oh Faye, I actually liked you and I was hoping that you had finally reached through to Don. He liked you, he cared about you, and he even revealed things to you about himself early in the relationship. Sadly, that all came to end because Don met Megan, his [latest] secretary and he well, fell in love with her. How could he not? She did everything right, she was a great secretary to him, she understood when their original one night stand was just a one night stand, she made Sally feel safe when she tripped in front of everyone at the office, she even had Sally smiling in California and singing French songs. She really was Maria von Trapp, as Don put it. When Don saw her at that diner; how she was able to calm everyone down after she accidentally spilled the milkshake on the table at the diner, he knew he had found the newest Mrs. Draper. Don proposed to her within hours of returning to New York and Megan said yes.

I have mixed feelings about this twist that Matt Weiner threw at us in this season finale. On one hand, I feel that Don did indeed fall in love with Megan and that he truly wants to be with her. As of now, Betty is still the prime caregiver of his children (as depressing as that sounds, it’s unfortunately true.) When he proposed to Megan, part of him knew that for the most part, it would just be the two of them for the time being which makes me believe he truly does want to be with her. As he told the American Cancer Society at the beginning of the episode “I guess in my heart it was an impulse because I knew what I needed to do to move forward.” Maybe Megan and Don will work.

On the other hand, I feel like Don still hasn’t learned anything this season. The minute Stephanie presented him Anna’s engagement ring, he saw an easy way out of his current state of existence. Megan was the obvious choice because, sadly, Faye just wasn’t wife material. Faye was wise beyond her years; she is the type of woman I want to be when I am her age. If Don had really grown up this season, he would have chosen Faye and not Megan. But sadly this is Don Draper and we all knew that would never happen.

So enough about Don, it’s time to talk about Peggy and how she is the character who really grew this season. Peggy finally got to show off her awesomeness this episode when she went into that meeting with the pantyhose company, Topez, and went all Don Draper on them and landed their account and saved Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Sadly, it wasn’t as important as Don’s engagement and that really irked her. There were a lot of scenes this episode that were awesome but the two that were the best were the first with Peggy and Don where she asks him if his engagement to Megan is what he really wants. He tells her it is and that Megan reminds him of her. That really pissed Peggy off because lets face it, Megan is NOT Peggy, never has and never will be. Sorry Meg, but there’s oly room for one soul mate in Don’s life and it’s Peggy Olson, Not you.

The other great scene, and the scene that made the episode, came from Peggy and Joan. It happened behind close doors where they laughed about Don’s engagement to Megan. Peggy got to rant about how she saved that company but no one really cared because getting engaged was far more important. Joan ranted how she got a promotion but no pay and again there was no celebration. “ If they poured champagne, it must have been while I was pushing the mail cart.” That scene was utter brilliance. I just LOVE how Matthew Weiner is showing the growing resentment of the working woman this season. That was one of key themes of the 60s and I am so proud that he is not glossing over it.

And I before I end this I must talk about Joan and Betty. First Joan because she is awesome and I totally knew that she never got that abortion. I am proud of her for that because I think a baby will be good for her. Yes Roger is going to find out and when he does there will be lots of drama. But I believe Joan being a mother will be very good for her. She wants to grow, she wants to change, and I believe she will, unlike another main character in this show. She really has grown these past four seasons and I just love her for it. I hope Christina Hendricks get’s an Emmy next year because she deserves it, Joan is one of the most interesting characters on television and it’s because Hendricks is such an excellent actress.

Finally there is Betty. Oh man how I hate that woman. It’s quite sad because I think January Jones is such a wonderful actress, I just hate the woman she portrays. I don’t care that Betty is beginning to realize that her life is not perfect, she is a child and she needs to grow up. I was so pissed at her when she made sure she was at the house on the day Don was to meet with the realtor. She said she had forgot but let’s be real she totally did not forget. I kind of hope she gets everything taken away from her, but I just don’t see that happening any time soon. However I do look forward to seeing a scene between her and Megan, if Don does really marry her. It will be a scene for the books.

I always hate how Mad Men has 13 episode seasons and then we have to wait like 9 months till it returns again. I will miss you my beloved show. Can’t wait for season 5!

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