Modern Family: Strangers on a Treadmill

I love Phil Dunphy. Why did Ty Burell not win an Emmy?? I mean don’t get me wrong I LOVE Eric Stonestreet but Ty is soooo FUNNY!!!! This whole cast is awesome and this weeks episode was awesome!

Claire and Mitchell both had issues with their significant others this week. Claire didn’t think that Phil was funny. Phil was invited to host the Southern California annual Realtors Banquet, or SCARB as Phil likes to call it. It’s a dream come true for him and all week he has worked on what Jokes to tell. Claire is not having it because she doesn’t think Phil is all that funny How Claire could have gone through 16+ years of marriage and not realized that he’s HILARIOUS is a mystery to me. (But I will say this: Julie Bowen gets serious props for that scene where she laughed with her mouth and not her eyes; man I can’t count how many times I’ve done that!)

Anyways, Mitchell is proud that Cameron has decided to start working out again, but he is not proud that Cameron wears bike shorts around the house and at the gym. The shorts embarrass Mitchell. So Mitchell and Claire come up with a scheme to do each others dirty work. However Mitchell couldn’t bring himself to tell Phil that his jokes weren’t funny before finding out that Claire told Cameron that he shouldn’t wear bike shorts. Needless to say, Cameron finds out that Mitchell put Claire up to the task and is hurt. The only solution, Mitchell has to shave his beard. Mitchell nearly goes through with it, until Cameron tells him to stop, right after Mitchell has shaved part of beard off.

Phil, however still doesn’t know that his jokes are not funny. So at the banquet Claire takes his index cards out of Phil’s coat pocket and makes Phil improvise his speech. It’s a hit and Phil is HILARIOUS, even though he knows what Claire did.

Alex and Haley were less annoying this week and were actually funny. Alex was on the road to becoming popular and what we saw were lessons from Haley to Alex, on how to be popular. There were some great scenes, the best being from Haley when she said “I finally have a sister!” as she fake cries. Unfortunately for Alex, she screws up and you see a bittersweet scene between Claire and Alex when she tells her mom, “I have no friends”

Finally there is Jay and Gloria. They didn’t have a huge storyline this week but when it was still perfectly funny. Gloria was angry at Jay because she thought he didn’t care enough about his employees and convinces him to go to one of his employee’s daughter’s quinceaNera. However, due to miscommunications and the fact that Jay really doesn’t know his employees all that well, makes the hilarious mistake of attending an engagement party instead of the birthday party and never realized the mistake. I love Al Bundy.

Overall GREAT episode!!

Now to the best quotes!

Jay: What about this two-hour Antiques Roadshow?
Manny I’ll watch it today.
Oh Manny, nothing ever surprises me when it comes to your taste in television, music, movies, and pretty much everything else.

Mitchell: You’ve never heard of Troga?

Cam: I hate your beard.
Mitchell: Wow, you had that bullet in the chamber.

Haley: The world is divided into two groups—cool girls and girls like you. And you have been given a rare opportunity to move from the former to the latter.
Alex: The latter is the former

Manny’s “Ay, Jay. In which Jay responds “Where does that kid keep popping out from?”

Manny knowing everyone’s name at the party and their issues! Perfect

Jay trying to find out that woman’s name and she says Que? And Jay says to Gloria “I think you’re really going to hit it off with Kay!” sooooo funny!

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