Grilled Cheesus

Isn’t it funny how Glee can make you think damn this show is ridiculous one night and then a week later make you want to cry your eyes out for days?

Last night brought forth not only one of the best episodes of Glee; as well as one of their most depressing. The focus of the episode was on spirituality, what do you believe in when times are tough and you need guidance? I’ll tell you one thing, though I do have other beliefs, I whole-heartedly believe in the power of Glee.

The episode started with Finn when he discovers the face of Jesus on his grilled cheese, which he ends up calling Grilled Cheesus. Finn has an epiphany and starts to pray to the grilled cheesus. Typical Finn, typical Glee. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk made you believe this was going to be another ridiculous episode poking fun at religion. But then they did a complete one eighty; they transition to Burt and Kurt, our favorite father-son paring since well since ever! Kurt is being a typical teenager and wanting to blow off Friday night dinner, and Burt tell’s his son that he’s disappointed in him. Then while Kurt is in school, Burt has a heart attack and slip into a coma. The rest of the episode then follow’s Kurt and the rest of the Glee clubs struggle with their spirituality, the existence of a God, and Sue reminding them and us the audience that religion isn’t meant to be discussed in school.

I don’t want to give you all a full recap today, because honestly I believe everyone should watch this episode. It brings forth some real issues that NEED to be discussed. Glee wasn’t trying to impose religion on its audience; it wanted to bring forth the issue with religion when you are a teenager and how it impacts you. The best quote of the night came from Kurt when he stated:

“[God] makes me gay and then makes His followers go around saying it’s a choice, as if I’d choose to be mocked every day of my life.”

The crazy thing is, this show was scheduled to air way before last week’s tragedy in New Jersey (in which a gay college student killed himself.) I am glad that this episode brought the reality of how I imagine many Gays feel in today’s society.

Chris Colfer deserves an Emmy for this episode because his performance last night was utterly heartbreaking and at the same time completely real. Not to mention his performance of I want to hold your hand was one of the most beautiful renditions of that song I have ever heard. I was in tears.

Also, I loved how Mercedes completely understood that Kurt was struggling and that she didn’t know how to talk to him about what he was going through. That was another real moment last night. Their scenes together last night stole the show and when Mercedes got up in front of her congregation and sang Bridge over Troubled Water, I was yet again tearing up.

And finally I want to bring up Sue. Last night Jane Lynch brought forth a solid performance of a woman who had also struggled with the existence of God. Her argument that God doesn’t exist came from her early years as a little girl when she prayed to help fix her older sister Jeannie. When it didn’t come, she dismissed the notion that God really existed. It was a very real argument because imagine how many parents or siblings struggle with the belief of God if their child or brother or sister is paralyzed, disabled, or dies young? But what was great was the when Sue went to see her sister and asked her about God and Jeannie told Sue that she was at peace with her condition and the look Lynch gave was incredible. It was so full of pain and anger and hurt but at the same time it showed relief. It was a beautiful scene.

Last night’s episode of Glee is going to go down as one of the best episodes of television. It was brilliantly written, beautifully acted, and though the tone of the episode was very depressing, it was also very moving. Glee made us think and if they can continue to do that every once and a while, I truly believe this show will change the world.

Other thoughts:

*Finn, Brittany, and Tina defiantly brought the comic relief tonight and they did it perfectly.

*Favorite Brittany quote of the night came when Tina was going on about how one week the Glee club is too sexy the next their too religious and Brittany went

“Now I know what Miley feels like.”

*Second favorite Brittany quote was “I did a book report on heart attacks if you wanna give it to the doctors. I got knocked down an entire letter grade because it was written in crayon.”

I don’t want to do song letter grades this week because I believe all of the music this week was great. Puck sang great with “Only the Good Die Young” and Rachel, yet again, knocked another Streisand out of the park with her rendition of “Papa, Can You Hear Me?” Finn’s “Losing My Religion” was great and really worked well for him; I believe he should stick with classic rock. And finally, Joan Osborne’s “One of Us” was a great final song for the night, and was yet another Glee cast number that gave me chills.

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