Gossip Girl: “Me versus you. No limits.”

Well well well Blair, I hope you know what you have gotten yourself into this time because Chuck has declared war on you and there are bond to be consequences. Last nights episode was pretty great. It may have not been the best so far this season but it did set some of the plots in motion. Blair made it her mission to dig up something on Chicks girl/angel Eva because well lets face it, Blair could stand the site of Eva being the one who could “change” Chuck. Even though Blair says she doesn’t love Chuck anymore, its pretty obvious that she is lying to herself. Sure enough, Blair discovered Eva was a prostitute and told Chuck. Chuck didn’t care because just like she didn’t know who he was when she found him, he didn’t know who she was and wouldn’t judge her either. Of course this did not stand well with Blair and she set Eva up, putting Chuck’s passport in Eva’s bag and telling Chuck that Eva did know who he was. Chuck then tells Eva to pack her things but after finding out Blair lied, he tries to get her back. Then Eva says the most meaningful thing she has said this who time she’s been on GG: You and Blair are connected. You always will be, or something along those lines.

This season is going to bring Chuck and Blair back together and my guess is they are going to have to beat each other down so horrifically, that they can only fix themselves together. I’m not complaining, I love it when Blair and Chuck scheme against each other.

Also, I love Blair and Serena’s friendship this season. I just hope it doesn’t get messed up because the series really is about these two and how awesome they are! I also hope that Serena can make a firm decision when it comes to Dan and Nate. Personally I want Dan, because I hate Vanessa and Nate is just BORING! I think part of the reason I am enjoying this season is because Dan seems a little bit less annoying, he and Serena are awesome on screen together and even though Vanessa is still around, there is less of her.

Not to mention that Blake and Penn’s acting has significantly improved, or maybe it’s always been great and after seeing The Town and Easy A I realized that these two can really act and that it’s not just Leighton and Ed leading the cast. If the show was just about Blair, Serena, Chuck and Dan, this show would be on top of the world. Sadly Nate and Vanessa and Jenny bring it down.

Juliet is pretty awesome too, I just hope they can string her story together soon and not drag it out too long. If the powers that be can pull this off, I think it will be better than the Georgina storyline at the end of Season one! Katie Cassidy is a fantastic actress; I really love seeing her on Gossip Girl. I just hope that if she is not staying around for the whole season, she finds a full time gig somewhere. She deserves to show off her talent on a daily basis.

Till next time! XoXo

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