Nikita: Trust Trust Trust

I have already come to terms with the fact that nothing can ever replace Alias. That show was why I feel in love with television. Watching Jennifer Garner kick ass every week became a ritual. It was hard for me to let go when the show ended. Since then I have been wondering if there would ever be another spy show that would capture my heart like Alias did. This summer we got Covert Affairs and while it was pretty entertaining and fun to watch each week, it didn’t have that edge that Alias once had. Then four weeks ago, the CW premiered Nikita, a show that defiantly did not fit the typical CW model. I was skeptical after the first episode, I felt like it was trying to hard to be Alias but I told myself that I needed to keep watching to see how it played out. After watching last night’s episode I can happily say, I am glad I stayed with this show. It proved me wrong and I am thankful that it did.

Nikita is a smart woman; she knows that if she is going to take down Division, then it’s going to take some time. She is the opposite of Sydney Bristow. Nikita knows that taking down the monster doesn’t happen overnight; instead it is a long and dangerous process. Last night’s episode was all about facing demons from your past and trying to make amends. Nikita went back to her first mission and target and Alex opened up to Amanda about her life in the Sex trade.

Nikita’s first mission was an undercover operation as a nanny for a family, in which the father, Victor, an agent for Homeland Security. Victor was said to be working on a case involving the taking down of a slave labor group called the Red Circle Triad. Thankfully the flashbacks not only include her time with the Family but her early years at Division. I was very surprised during the scenes Nikita had with Michael. During the first two episodes I felt their relationship was a little forced, but after seeing the flashbacks I am a bit more convinced about the chemistry between these two.

Eventually it is discovered that Victor is in fact, alive and well and he actually was a double agent inside Homeland on behalf of the Triad. Nikita and Michael pretty much find this out at the same time when Nikita goes to take down a Triad Sweatshop ring. It turns out that Victor came to Division for protection (like that arms-dealer in 2.0) and Percy obliged. This leads Nikita to find Victor who is in Hong Kong and Michael follows her there. However, when Nikita gets there, she is kidnapped by Victor’s cronies and he decides he is going have his way with her before killing her. But Nikita, always one step ahead, remembers his peanut allergy and laces her lipstick with peanut oil. When Victor kisses her, he has an allergic reaction allowing Nikita to break free and is eventually saved by Michael. However, Michael returns to Division, because he can’t leave due to the fact that he owes Percy his life.

In this episode we also learn that Alex has claustrophobia, which Amanda tries to fix. Amanda does break through to Alex a little, we find out a little about her life as a sex slave, but Amanda realizes that Alex is still hiding something and alerts Percy.

It was overall a great episode. I loved the flashbacks, the beginnings of Michael and Nikita’s relationship, the cracks that are forming in Michael’s trust in Division. I can’t wait to see where they lead us with this story. I enjoy Maggie Q and even Shane West isn’t bothering me anymore. As always, I love Melinda Clark and I think her development as Amanda is absolutely wonderful. And speaking of Amanda…

One more thing that I found very interesting; before going on the mission Amanda told Nikita something that I found very interesting, something I feel that this season is about. She said “It is important that you gain their trust.” This is what this season is about, why Nikita has Alex in Division. Gaining Divisions trust is extremely hard and for Alex to do that it will take awhile. I think this episode really set up the rest of the season and I look forward to seeing how they approach it!

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