Best New Fall Shows

With Lone Star now gone, and most likely never to return, everyone will be looking for which is the best new show on television, that is if you don’t have cable (if you do, I suggest Terriers on FX or Boardwalk Empire on HBO. Both are amazing.) In my opinion, the best new shows are all on one network, CBS,  at 10 pm, and on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I know it’s strange how that worked out but trust me, these shows are good.

Monday: Hawaii Five-0

I have already reviewed the pilot episode of this show but after seeing the second episode, I can tell that Alex O’Laughlin has finally found a home. This man has struggled for a couple of years on two different shows, to make CBS his home, but finally it has paid off. This new reboot of the 70s cult classic is surprisingly refreshing. It is not just about getting the bad guys; it’s about protecting national security and thwarting espionage. Not to mention the screenshots of Hawaii are incredible. It makes me want to go out and buy a plane ticket to Hawaii right away.

Also, the actors all work well together. Scott Cann and O’Laughlin continue to have great chemistry together and now that Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park are in the mix, they too mix well with the boys. Cann and O’Laughlin provide the snarky banter that will eventually lead to an epic bromance and Kim and Park will provide the emotional weight because they are family. I want to applaud whoever casted these guys for these roles because they did and excellent job.

So if you are looking for a fun new crime/espionage drama, Hawaii Five-0 is it. It is action packed, funny, sexy, and has just the right amount of emotional drama to get you hooked.

Wednesday: The Defenders

Last week I watched this show because I thought The Whole Truth was too unbearable to watch. I didn’t really even know what The Defenders was about until I started watching it. The show stars Jerry O’Connell and Jim Belushi as two quirky lawyers in Las Vegas. Now you are probably thinking, oh great another Las Vegas drama. However, this show is actually quite good. It may not be as great as Terriers on FX which is on at the same time, but this show has a lot of heart and is written very well.

Belushi and O’Connell are very convincing as two lawyers, Nick Morelli (Belushi) and Pete Kaczmarek (O’Connell), who run a small firm in Las Vegas. They are one of the main reasons this show works well, because they make being a lawyer look fun and entertaining (granted they are in Las Vegas but still!) These two lawyers are brought down to earth by their newest recruit, recent law-school grad Lisa (played by Friday Night Light’s Jurnee Smollett), who adds a bit of light to this show. She is a wonderful counterpart to these two crazy over the top lawyers. The show has the right mix of emotional drama and comedic drama that makes it easy to watch without getting to board. So if you want a new law drama to watch, choose The Defenders, it will be worth it.

Friday: Blue Bloods

I have yet to see the second episode, since it is not Friday yet, but from what I watched from the pilot that aired last week, this show may be my new family drama. I was so disappointed with the direction Brothers and Sisters went last week, that I fear I may have to give up on that show. However, that is OK, because now I have Blue Bloods. This show is surprisingly, very refreshing. It is about a family of cops, headed by Tom Selleck’s character, the chief of the NYPD, Frank Reagan. He has 2 sons (originally 3 but one died), Danny (Donnie Walberg) and Jamie (Will Estes), and a daughter Erin (Bridget Moynaham). Frank’s father also lives with and he too was once a cop.

The show has your typical family drama, sibling rivalries and arguments, the mother passed away awhile ago, and most recently Frank’s middle son, Joe, was killed. Joe’s death is the reason the youngest son Jamie decided to become a cop, even though he completed a degree at Harvard. It may seem like a lot of drama, but it works. There is enough mystery and suspense that it actually works. Not to mention the cast works well together, the writing is good, and the story seems interesting. The only thing that this show has going against it, is that it is on Friday nights at 10pm and lets be honest, who is really home at 10pm on a Friday night? But if you are home on a Friday night and you need something to watch, this is the show to watch.

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