The Good Wife, Season 2

Last year I started watching The Good Wife because I thought it looked interesting. After about 5 episodes it instantly became one of my favorite new shows on television. After season one concluded last may, it probably ranks as my 2nd favorite show on television (the first being Mad Men, of course!) When I began watching this show I feared that it might be too above my head. For one, I have yet to be married or have kids or have a high profiled career; but that didn’t matter because this show is more than just that it is about powerful woman and men in this society. It is a very realistic portrayal of how life might occur in this type of environment. Alicia was completely right to ask Will to show her the plan because in reality, fairy tales do not exist and we revert back to the comfortable, even if it kills us.

The second season of The Good Wife came back last night picking up right where they left off, when Alicia received that second phone call from Will right as she was supposed to be walking up to stand next to her husband at his press conference. Then the masterful Eli Gold (the brilliant Alan Cumming) took matters into his own hands and took the phone out of Alicia’s hand and made her go stand next to her husband, Peter. Unfortunately, even though Will left a heartfelt voicemail on Alicia’s phone (he said I love you), it was deleted by Eli and Alicia never found out.

The episode then jumped a week ahead and showed what happened after. Lockhart-Gardner had now merged with the DC-firm, bringing in a new partner, Derrick Bond (Michael Ealy). Though Diane and Will seem pleased with the merger and with Derrick, it was very apparent throughout the whole episode that tension is brewing and trouble could soon occur. The episode also brought in a new investigator, Blake (Friday Night Lights hottie Scott Porter). He and Kalinda (recent Emmy-winner Archie Panjabi) instantly butt heads. Blake messes up Kalinda’s rhythm and she spends much of the episode trying to get away from Blake. I love it when Scott Porter plays the douch. I feel that this will turn into something else completely, because they in-fact, have a lot of chemistry.

Then there was that Sex-scene. I did not see this coming. Peter watched Alicia fight that judge and was turned on—turned on enough to later walk in to  Alicia’s bathroom where she was getting ready and convince her to have sex. I have to say it was the hottest scene I have seen on network television in a VERY long time. I am still shocked that they even allowed that of network television. Bravo.

Cary was in this episode, as well as Glenn Childs, and they are now working together to make sure that they can hold on to their positions. Though Childs didn’t really say much this episode, it is apparent that they are going to have their work cut out of them. As do Lockhart Gardner and their new merger. This episode was great at setting up their new season and I cannot wait to see where it leads. I am so excited that this show is back!

Other thoughts:

* I wonder what Jackie is up to…her working with Eli, that only spells trouble, but I like it! I love how sly Jackie really is.

* Kalinda and Alicia’s relationship is pure awesomeness.

* Props to Grace Florrik, I think she is smarter than she lets on.

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