Glee is back in session!

Oh Glee. How I’ve missed you! I can’t believe I went a whole summer without this show! But thankfully, summer is officially over and fall is back which means new episodes of this wonderfully quirky show Glee!

Last season kind of ended on a downer when the Glee kids lost regional’s, Quinn ultimately decided to give up her baby and Will lost Emma to her dentist. The only upside was Finn declaring his love for Rachel and Sue allowing Will to keep his Glee club alive.

This season showed that really nothing had changed with the status of these poor Glee kids. They are still at the end of the food chain because they are losers and to make it worse, their funding is getting cut to make way for the football team. Principal Figgins hired a new coach, a female coach at that, and she is BIG and Strong and her name is Dot Beiste and she means business, much to the displeasure of Sue. There’s also a new football guy, Sam(newcomer Chord Overstreet), and Finn hears him singing in the Shower and decides to recruit him to Glee club. Really doesn’t work, even after getting him to sing a horrible rendition of Billionaire. Also, Sam takes Finn’s place as quarterback on the football team after Finn gets cut.

Then there was the foreign exchange student, Sunshine(played by the adorable Charice) and when Rachel heard her sing, well Rachel felt threatened. So she manipulated Sunshine and told her where auditions for Glee club were being held. Unfortunately it leads to a crack house and Rachel got busted after Tina and her new boyfriend, other Asian (and might I say OH SO HOT!) Mike Chang, found out from the Asian community. They were not happy at all so Rachel made it right and let Sunshine have a proper audition, and Sunshine sang “Listen” from Dreamgirls. It was beautiful and everyone loved it.

Unfortunately, this is Glee, which means happy endings are always few and in-between. Will pissed off Sue, again, and made nice with Bieste, which caused Sue to get Vocal Adrenaline to recruit Sunshine, they even gave her aunt a green card, because that’s how much power they really have. We met the new Coach for Vocal Adrenaline, and he looks like SCARY! Watch out Glee clubbers, you’re really going to need to come together this year if you really want to make it to Nationals in New York.

Overall it was I thought it was great start to the season, Yes, it was very cheesy in many areas, but isn’t that what Glee is all about? I am super excited for next weeks Britney Spears episode. Not to mention, the episode revolves around Brittney, the dumb cheerleader in Glee Club! I have a feeling that it’s going to be pretty epic.

Song Grades:

Empire State of Mind- A: I loved there attempt to “Glee” this song. But I think there needs to be less rapping, because hearing Artie, Finn, and Puck rap is just a little too odd for my taste.

Telephone: B-: It would have gotten an A+ but then I heard all the auto-tune. Why in the world would they auto-tune Charice and Lea Michele’s voices? These girls can sing! LET THEM SING WITHOUT THE AUTOTUNE PLEASE!!!!

Billionaire: C: I get it, they wanted a hot new guy to play the new football star/glee clubber, but why couldn’t they have casted someone who could at least sing well? Chord Overstreet can’t really sing, even with the auto-tune. And again, please NO MORE RAPPING!!

Listen: A+ : Charice is has such an amazingly powerful voice for someone so little. When she finished, I’ll admit, I clapped. Her performance was awesome and I was sad when Sue got her transferred to Vocal Adrenaline. Poor Glee Clubbers, you could have really used her. But  I do hope we see more of her this season, even if she is on the rival team. I think she could have some awesome rival scenes with Rachel.

What I did for Love: A+: I love when Lea Michele gets to do her solos because they are so amazing. I could listen to that woman all day. And even though Rachel was a total b*tch this episode, I really felt for her at the end of that song. Such great emotion she put in to that song.

Other Notes:

I want to see more Kurt! Please more Kurt! And more Mercedes.

I absolutely loved the Santana scene with Sue. “Oh and Boobs McGee: You’re demoted to the bottom of the pyramid so when it collapses, your exploding sandbags will protect the squad from injury.”

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