Lone Star- Fox’s newest guilty pleasure

“This is a house of cards. You don’t get to live in it”

Lone Star is the fourth new show I’ve seen since fall season started two weeks ago and already it proved that it was worth the hype.

Lone Star tackles the story about a con-man, played by newcomer James Wolk (Kyle Chandler’s clone), who has broken the cardinal rule of the game; he’s fallen in love…with two women. In Houston, Bob is married to the beautiful and sexy Cat (Friday Night Light’s gem, Adrianne Palicki) and has conned his way into her family’s multi-million dollar oil corporation; In Midland, TX, Robert Allen is scamming investors and living with his adorable, girl next-door girlfriend Lindsay (Eloise Mumford).

But living two different lives is not Bob/Robert’s only problem, he has a father. John (David Keith) who realized from early on that his son has a gift; he has a charming smile and can lie better than anyone else he’s ever seen. This has caused for an unhealthy relationship between father and son.

There is also the story of Cat’s family. Cat is the daughter to Clint Thatcher (John Voight), an oil tycoon in Houston whom has come to trust Bob, but with reservations. Clint also has two sons; Tram (Mark Deklin) doesn’t trust Bob while the other son Drew (Bryce Johnson) is easily manipulated by both his brother and Bob.

Eventually Bob realizes that he doesn’t want to con people anymore, he wants to live a normal life, but he doesn’t want to give up either woman. Instead he is able to find a way to keep his cover in Midland through his new job in Houston. The pilot ends with Robert in Las Vegas on the phone with his father and turning around to see Lindsay in a wedding gown.

Here lies Lone Star’s greatest problem and as great as the pilot was and the excellent performances from the cast, every con/show has to/should have an exit strategy.  The plot is risky and I do not know if this show, like Bob, really knows what it is getting into. However, aside from that, the show has a ton of potential. Even though Bob/Robert is lier and a cheat, I have fond myself rooting for him. I honestly believe that they could not have casted a better person to play this character. James Wolk’s smile makes you melt the second you see it and he plays the role so convincingly that I wouldn’t be surprised if gets an Emmy nomination (same for John Voight and Eloise Mumford, they were excellent.)

Lone Star is certainly better than a lot of other shows on network TV and the cast is fantastic, the writing is intelligent and the story is interesting. If Lone Star can play their cards right, we might be looking at one of televisions best new shows.

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