Hawaii Five-O premire: “Book ’em Danno”

So I have never seen more than one or two episodes of the original Hawaii Five-O. Come on, I wasn’t even alive when the show originally aired! But from what I watched last night, CBS has another good show on their network. The show was extremely engaging light-hearted, witty, lots of action, and well casted. But most of all, they kept the awesome amazing theme music, BAH-BAH-BAH-BAH BAAH BAHHHH. I really think that might have been my favorite part of the show.

Anyways, Hawaii Five-O is about a group of cops/former military/former cops who form a new organization that has no red tape to get all the major bad guys out of Hawaii; because Hawaii is just a breading ground for terrorism right? The show has kept most of the original characters, changing one of the main ones, Kono, from a male to a female, Kona.

There’s ex-Special Forces Commander, Steve McGarrett of the U.S. Navy played by the ruggedly handsome Alex O’Loughlin. FINALLY O’Loughlin has a show that might (most likely will) succeed! I was so sick of seeing him on those other shows that were just plain awful. Anyways he now has a role that fits. Not only does he get to keep the broodiness he does so well, but he also gets to fight bad guys.

McGarrett’s father is killed by a man named Victor Hesse(James Masters, AKA SPIKE from Buffy, of how I hope that he will be back. I’ve missed him on my tele), a terrorist residing in Hawaii. This incident brings McGarrett back to Hawaii to seek revenge and sure enough, the Governor of Hawaii grants him full immunity and no red-tape business.  Through this McGarrett recruits Hawaii P.D’s newest detective, Danny Williams (Ocean Eleven’s Scott Cann), McGarrett’s old friend Chin Ho Kelly (Lost’s Daniel Dae Kim, who by the way, I am so happy to see stay on my television! So so happy!) and Chin’s cousin, Kona (Grace Park from Battlestar Galatica), a recent graduate from the Hawaii Police academy.

It’s a fun team and I especially enjoyed the quick and witty banter between McGarrett and Danno. I sense a new bromance in the making. They really work well together. Cann provides great comic relief where as O’laughlin provides the right amount of brooding. Daniel Dae Kim is just plain and simply awesome as is Grace Park. I really think they got the perfect cast for this show! I look forward to seeing the rest of the season!

Other Notes

~ The I phone got a lot of promotion during this episode trying to make their “camera” app look cool!

~ I liked Jean Smart as the Governor, hopefully we’ll see more of her.

~ LOVED LOVED LOVED the beautiful location shots, seriously made me want to go to Hawaii like right there and then.

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