Castle Season premier: “I missed you too”

I love this show. It may be one of the least original shows on TV but you got to admit, this show has a lot of heart. Remember back when this series started in early 2009 and a lot of people didn’t think it could last? Yeah they were pretty stupid because since then this show has grown to be a very pleasant comedic crime show.

Last season ended with Beckett finally admitting to herself that she had feelings for Castle. Unfortunately for her, Castle had decided to rekindle his romance with his 2nd ex-wife and leave for the Hamptons for the summer to finish his next book.

The premier picked up 3 months later and Castle hasn’t said one word to Beckett, Esposito or Ryan and they are all a little hurt. Anyways, as per usual, there is a murder that Beckett and gang are called to investigate. And during their investigation who do they find at the scene of a crime? Castle. Beckett is pissed, arrests him for the murder and takes him back to the station. Of course, Castle is innocent, but it does give Beckett time to pry into his personal life and what he had been up to over the summer. I loved this scene between the two of them. These two have such great chemistry and their admiration for each other is very touching. Not to mention, the dialogue was spot on.

Beckett, who is still pissed, made a bet with Castle that if she figured out who the murderer was first, Castle would have to stay away from them from that point forward. She was hurt, who could blame her. But thankfully, Castle said that if won, she had to allow him to be her partner again. Now since this is a TV show, who do you think won? If you guessed Castle, you’re both right and wrong. He does figure of that the murder was about counter-fitting, but it is revealed by Esposito at the end of the episode, that Beckett may have known this all along, and pretended not to know just to get Castle back on the team.

It was a touching ending, showing that both Castle and Beckett are happy to be working together again. I like that the writers are taking their time with them. Eventually, there will be a time when they get together and when that happens it will be cute but for right now, I’m just happy they get to work together again. The season premier was excellent and I think they set it up for a great season. I can’t wait to see what’s in store next for these two.

Other notes:

~ Loved the crack at Breaking Bad, spot on and hilarious!

~ I loved the parallel stories between Castle’s daughter Alexis and Beckett. Seeing Castle’s defenses go up when Alexis was telling him about how she felt about the boy from camp not calling was so sweet and sad.

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