Viva la Blair and Serena

Gossip Girl always has its ups and downs. Sometimes it is really great and other times it can be extremely messy and cringe worthy. That was pretty much all of what made up of last season. The writers had no idea how to handle Chuck and Blair, they made Serena way too emotional, Nate was extremely boring, and they spent way too much time of Dan and Vanessa.  But after the season premier I can happily state that it looks like Josh Schwarz and Stephanie Savage have gone back to their roots; back to the original one true pairing of Gossip Girl: Blair and Serena.

The heart and soul of Gossip Girl belongs to these two best friends/frenemies who we have watched for the past 3 years. Bringing them to the city of lights, Pairs was a wonderful idea that worked out exceedingly well for this show. Serena is finally back to her boy crazed carefree ways, while Blair is still as insecure as ever. But how can she not be? It’s going to take more than a summer in the city of lights to get over her heartbreak. But what the episode pointed out so well was that as insecure as Blair is, no matter what, She will have Serena, forever and always.

And where is Chuck, you might ask? We last saw him in Prague, where he was mugged and shot. It was quite a cliffhanger. The premier waited until the last 2 minutes of the episode to reveal what had happened to him. I am still iffy on how I feel about them waiting till the end to reveal what happened. Unless they do flashbacks in the upcoming episodes as to how he developed a relationship with this European woman, I don’t know if I am going to be entirely convinced about their relationship. But one this is for sure, I can’t wait to see what happens when Blair and Chuck meet up in Paris. I have a feeling it will be epic.

Besides being introduced to Chuck’s new girlfriend, we were introduced to a new lady back in New York, Juliette Sharp played by the amazing Katie Cassidy. We meet Juliette a restaurant where Nate is taking on of his latest escapades to lunch. But that girl ditches him for another guy and Nate gets to talk to Juliette. She can tell instantly that he’s been hurt by a previous relationship (aka Serena) and offers to help.  When Nate finally decides to give her a call, we see a shot of her apartment wall in which there are recent Gossip Girl blasts, pictures of Blair, Serena, Nate, and Chuck plastered to the wall. There are newspaper clippings, Serena’s mug shot; all indicators that make it look like she might be Gossip Girl. But know this show, its probably going to be something else. However, whatever it might be, I have a feeling its going to be real interesting!

Then there is the storyline with Dan and Georgina and Vanessa that I could really care less about. It is basically this: Dan and Georgina have a baby boy, Milo and Dan didn’t get a paternity test all summer, but Georgina “did” and says that Dan is indeed the father. However, it’s pretty apparent that it’s probably not true. Georgina, per usual, is up to something. What exactly it is, I don’t know, but again I really don’t care. I want Dan to runaway from this mess and have Georgina and Vanessa leave. But my guess is, that won’t happen. Oh well.

Anyways, last nights episode was pretty great and I hope this means that the season will be great too.

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