True Blood Season Three Finale “Evil Is Going On”

Last night True Blood concluded their third season on HBO. Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin on how off this finale felt. I enjoy True Blood I really do but after last night, I wasn’t left anxiously waiting for next season. Everything just felt very anticlimactic, like the episode should have been a precursor to the finale and that if they had one more episode, they could have really gone out with a bang.

Anyways, the episode began where we left off two weeks ago, with Eric and Russell handcuffed to each other outside, burning. Sookie then realizes that she can’t just leave Eric out there and she runs out to save him, much to the displeasure of Bill. Eric is saved, and gets to drink a little more of Sookie’s blood before telling her that she has to go back and get Russell because he saw Godric and he told him that everyone deserves redemption. I love Godric, but they could have done his ghost thing a little bit better. Anyways to make a long story short, Russell is saved but not before Sookie drains his Talbot’s blood remains down the drain and Eric and Bill taking Russell to a cement yard where they bury him alive in cement. Oh and before they do this, Sookie rescinds her invitations to her home to all the vampires in Fangtasia (Bill, Eric, Russell, and Pam.)

But wait! There’s more! Bill throws Eric into the cement and starts to bury Eric alive in the cement because he’s a jealous freak and doesn’t want Eric in the way of him and Sookie. But it’s still not over because after Bill tries to have Pam killed, he runs over to Sookie’s and asks for her forgiveness. She almost takes him back but then Eric appears and tells Sookie the truth. That Bill has been lying to her from the start and that Bill knew that Sookie was a Fae and that he manipulated her trust. Sookie is obviously pissed and then breaks up with Bill for the umpteenth time. Bill goes back to his house, invites the Queen over and we last see Bill ready to fight her to the death. Sookie runs to the graveyard to see Gran, asking her what to do when the Fairy’s appear and Sookie is taken away too the Fairy land.

Other stories are supposedly being told during this mess too. The DEA agents are in town ready to bust HotShot, but Jason, with the help of Crystal, helps tip everyone off and the drug bust proves to be a failure. We really didn’t see Arlene, all we saw was Terry crying about how happy everything was turning out for him. Lafayette is still on that never-ending V-trip and Jesus confesses that he’s a witch. Hoyt buys a house for he and Jessica, and she accepts, even though someone left a creepy doll in their new house. Hoyt’s mother decides to pull a Steve Newlin and buy a pretty large shot gun, which I guess is meant to kill Jessica. We do see Alcide for a bit at fangtasia, he’s still hung up on Debby, but gives sex eyes to Sookie, so we totally know that he still wants her too.

And then there’s Sam and Tara. Sam tells Tara, after a night of lovemaking and pancakes (with bacon grease) for breakfast, that he is a shape-shifter. Sam also goes after Tommy, whose run off with Sam’s money, Sam has a gun and shoots it but we don’t know whether or not it actually hit Tommy. Honestly I don’t really care. Finally, Tara’s the only one who actually has the brains to realize that she is over the whole supernatural ordeal and cuts her hair and gets out of town. I always knew that Tara was the smartest character on that show!

Anyways, the seasons over and we are left having to wait till next year to continue this story. I can wait. Hopefully Alan Ball realized how unorganized this season was and is able to improve it next season. I honestly do love this show but the last couple of episodes were so underwhelming that I am started to care less about this show. But next season brings witches, more werewolves, and my guess more fairies, which should be interesting!

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