New CW Pilot:Nikita: Here we go

The CW decided to only pick up two new shows for the Fall 2010 season, Hellcats and Nikita. I watched Hellcats for two minutes and had it figured out in one. You won’t be seeing me review that show. Anyways, after about 30 minutes of watching Nikita, I had it figured out as well. However with Nikita, I feel it has the potential to be something more. Nikita’s pilot was basically a hybrid of the original Le Femmne Nikita mixed with Alias mixed with Dollhouse. Nothing about Nikita was in anyway shape or form, original. However, I don’t think that is a bad thing. As I watched the episode, I noticed that it was not very cheesy, like the pilot of USA’s female spy drama Covert Affairs. Nikita kept me interested.

The plot is basically this: Nikita is a hot-in her late 20s- rouge assassin. When she was a teenager she got caught for “killing” a cop, though she doesn’t remember. She was sentenced to death by lethal injection. However while she was in prison, recruiters from an organization called “Division” came and saved her, faked her death, sent her to assassin school and made her a bad-ass assassin. Then she fell in love with a civilian, they found out and had him killed. Ok I know I know, this is basically the plot of Alias, but this is where it gets a little different. After her fiancé is killed, Nikita goes rouge. She stays away for 3 years. But now, she’s back and she’s out for revenge.

Maggie Q is probably the main reason I enjoyed the pilot. I feel that she is a fresh new face, someone we haven’t seen much of, and she is actually talented. When Nikita entered the men’s bathroom in hotel lobby and quickly kicked those two male operatives’ asses, I was thankful that I had a new “Sydney Bristow” to root for. She amazed me again when she showed up at that banquet and faced off her old boss. That was awesome.

The other thing I loved about the episode was the twist at the end. Throughout the episode you see her typing on a chat agent on the computer and you are left to wonder who she is talking to. It turns out that its Alex, the newest “Division” recruit. I guess I should have seen this coming, but I’m kind of glad I didn’t because it defiantly took me by surprised. I do wonder what her deal is though; like how she came to meet Nikita and why she is helping her.

The show looks promising and has a lot of potential. I only hope that it lives up to it.

Other Thoughts:

*Nikita and Sydney Bristow are basically the same person.

  1. Sd-6 and Division are both bad organizations
  2. Both Nikita’s Fiancé and Sydney’s finace were named Daniel and they were both killed by the evil organizations.
  3. Both of their handlers were named Michael

*I love Melinda Clark but I want her back on The Vampire Diaries, she’s better when she’s playing trashy roles. HOWEVER if she starts to become bad ass on Nikita I’ll be ok with her staying.

* Don’t know yet how I feel about Shane Wests role. I feel like he has the potential to be bad ass but that goatee. I think it needs to go.

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