Game On

Wow. What an opener. I knew the Vampire Diaries was awesome, but man the season premier took it to a whole new level. Once again, Kevin Williamson and Julie Pelc prove that they know how to write an awesome teen show. Kevin already proved himself earlier with Scream and I know what you did Last Summer but now he’s proved that it wasn’t a fluke. These guys really know how to use and execute the element of surprise.

The episode began where we left off last season in the finale, with it being revealed that Katherine was the one who kissed Damon and cutting off Uncle John’s fingers before staking him with a knife. I have to give serious props to Nina Dobrev, that girl can really act. It is a very bold step to take your main actress and have her act two opposite roles, but man did Nina act it flawlessly. Throughout the episode you began to realize that Nina didn’t just need the different outfits to portray these two different characters. Damon stated it perfectly when he said, “Doppelganger hijinks ensue.”

Katherine say’s she’s back for Stefan, but the Salvatore brothers know better. She left Elena alive and she knew John would stay alive because “When Katherine wants someone dead, they’re dead” (something along those lines.) Anyways, Katherine has a plan and it’s not just about Stefan. Whatever it is, Caroline will probably now be involved because Caroline has now been turned into a Vampire. There is no way that Katherine didn’t know that Caroline had V-blood in her system. But whatever the plan may be, I bet it will be a shocking one, because Williamson and Plec know how to execute shock pretty damn well.

Paul Weasley was insanely sexy last night. I feel like he’s left his brooding I hate being a vampire self behind and learned that his powers really are useful. He was on fire last night. The fights he had with Uncle John and then with Katherine was incredible. I have said this before, but I love Stefan and even though I love Damon as well. It does not bother me in the least that he is with Elena and it is because he’s sexy and not boring like the rest of the vampire boyfriends are in Twilight and True Blood. The way he took control of his emotions towards Katherine and played against her bluff was awesome. He really is the common sense brother, sorry Damon.

Damon, oh Damon,  my heart broke for you last night. I just want to say, I absolutely love Ian Somerhalder. His emotions last night were extremely well played. That boy has gone off the edge. We started the episode off by seeing the softer side of Damon, the boy within who just wants someone to love him. But after being told by the two women he has ever loved, that they never loved him back, that they love his brother instead, that hurt. And we saw the old Damon come back; the Damon from the first batch of episodes in season one; the Damon who sporadically kills people, because he just doesn’t give a damn. I have a feeling though that this Damon is going to be more hazardous than last season’s Damon. Watching him snap Jeremy’s head was insanity.

Jeremy, that poor kid, he’s been through a lot this past year.  Losing his parents, then Viki, and then Anna. No wonder he’s so moody all the time. I think the biggest shock of the night was when it was revealed that he had Uncle John’s ring in his hand. I honestly thought, he might get turned. That scene was well played. Another scene I loved this episode was with him and Tyler at the Wake at the Lockwood house. I think these two could end up being good friends, once they get passed all their issues.

And speaking of Tyler, he too had an interesting story last night. I like that he is going to get more focus this season because I always found him a little fascinating. You don’t cast someone who is that hot only to use him in a couple of scenes. With his father dead, in walks Tyler’s beautifully HOT uncle, Mason Lockwood. He’s the chill dude, not like his brother who was a grade A ass. Mason is there to help Tyler out, because it is clear that Tyler is not normal. Now most of already know that it’s going to be revealed that he is a (SPOILER) werewolf. I am pretty excited to see how they spin this. And I really like Taylor Kinny who plays Mason, so I hope this story is done right.

Then theres our little Witch Bonnie. Bonnie proved to be one of the most Bad-Ass characters on this show last night. Not only did she hold her own against Katherine but she also proved that she can be lethal when she wants to be. I loved her snarky banter with Damon, these two have really awesome chemistry. Who knows, maybe she’ll be the one that turns around and learns to love Damon, wouldn’t that be a twist!

So overall this episode was pretty awesome. I love that it is back and I can’t wait to see what kind of doppelgänger hijinks Katherine will bestow upon that crazed town of Mystic Falls. The premier did exactly what a season premier should do, set the season up for a wild ride that keeps the audience coming back. Mad props to Plec and Williamson, you guys really know how to keep a show awesome! And as Katherine said at the end of the episode “Game On!”

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