Why “The Vampire Diaries” Rock

The Vampire Diaries (TVD) season one came out this week and since I had missed part of the season, I decided to buy it to catch up on the season. I finally caught up and I have to say, I think I love this show more than True Blood and certainly more than Twilight. This show is probably the BEST vampire story I’ve seen since Buffy. Maybe it’s because the creators had previously worked on (and I think Kevin Williamson helped create) a little show called Dawson’s Creek; so they understand drama and teenage angst. The show is noticeably mysterious but at the same time they are subtle about it. When there is a big “shock” that is revealed, it’s as big as it is surprising. The show just works and here are the reasons why.

Elena is an actually heroine I want to root for. For a girl who lost both her parents in a car accident that she survived, she is surprisingly strong. She is cautious and careful and she doesn’t let her love for Stefan make her stupid. And though she is very attached to Stefan, she isn’t needy about it like Bella is with Edward and Sookie is with Bill. She doesn’t let Stefan walk all over her. That is the key to why she is awesome. Out of these three women with vampire boyfriend, she ranks as the best by a LONG shot. I actually LIKE Stefan. He is not possessive like Bill and Edward. He is confidant about his love for Elena and respects her decisions. He knows that Damon has feelings for Elena but you can tell that he is not entirely threatened by them. I respect Stefan so much for that and it makes me like him that much more. I actually don’t mind if Elena and Stefan stay together. They work and they are not in the least bit boring.

The human storylines (like Matt, Caroline, Jenna, Alaric, and Jeremy(maybe)) are compelling. I love Matt and Caroline, I think they are amazing characters who put this show up on another level. Without them I really don’t think this show would be as good as it is. I like that they have added the other supernatural elements to the show early on as opposed to waiting till later. I like that as the audience is learning about Vampires, your watching Bonnie develop her powers as a witch and Tyler slowly start to discover that he is a werewolf. It makes the show more appealing to the audience. I also appreciate and love how mysteries are solved in a quick and timely manner. They don’t make you wait too long to discover why something has happened. Like why Elena looks like Katherine or who Elena’s real birth mother and father are.

And Finally, there is the reason of Ian Somerhalder. Period. End of Discussion. He plays Damon sooooo well that as evil as he might be, he plays the character soooo friggin well that I can’t help but adore him. Not to mention, Ian is an awesome Environmental activist and that makes him oh so hot.

I can’t wait to see what the second season brings. With Katherine now back in Mystic Falls, I think its going to showcase how well of an actress Nina Dobrev really is. I also can’t wait to see more of Tyler and his werewolf storyline. I believe that this season is really going to show how awesome this show really is. So remembers to watch Thursday, Sept 9 at 8pm on the CW!

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