Don Draper is BAAACCKK!!!

“Who is Don Draper?”

I will honestly admit, I hopped onto the Mad Men bandwagon shortly after they won their third Golden Globe for best drama early this year.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to watch Mad Men, it was that I never found the time. I always forgot it was on and always told myself, oh whatever, its probably not as great as everyone says it is. But then I decided to watch it after I saw that their DVDs were on sale.  Once I started watching, I couldn’t stop. I hadn’t been this absorbed in a series since Alias and I hadn’t been this attached to a main character since Sydney Bristow. I absolutely love Don Draper. So when Mad Men returned last night, I was in a very good place.

It is very rare that a series can keep a constant track record of producing great seasons after great seasons. But after watching the Season 4 premier of Mad Men, I think Matthew Weiner has topped himself again. He took a big risk last season when he dissolved not only Don Drapers marriage but Sterling Cooper as well. Creating a new agency and having his main character have to rediscover who he is takes courage, but by the end of the season 4 premiere, it was obvious, that Matt Weiner knew what he was doing.

The beginning of the episode, Don Draper as an almost depressed man, not too keen on his current life situation and because of it, he completely screws up an interview with a reporter from Ad Age. The Don we saw in this interview was not the Don we knew, he couldn’t seem to dazzle this reporter and therefore, allowed the reporter to portray Don as boring and the new agency Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce as lackluster and unimaginative.

This wasn’t the Don we knew but as the episode progressed, we saw that Don failed to convince a cute sophisticated girl to let him come upstairs to her apartment. We see that his family is depressed by their new living situation, Betty’s new marriage to Henry Francis, looks like its headed straight towards a freak disaster and poor Sally Draper is headed towards anorexia. It doesn’t help that her father is away and she bluntly blames her mother. But as the episode came to an end we saw Don come back to life and dazzle a Wall Street Journal reporter.

There was also another great thing about this episode and that was Peggy. Finally Peggy realizes that she is supposed to be there and that she can hold up her own against Don. She does this by going behind his back and then screwing up an account. But when she goes to Don to tell him what happened, she knows she can count on him to come through, even after he yells at her. She knows her place with him and she’s no longer that afraid.

Other things I loved:

~ Roger Sterling still delivering, flawlessly, the best lines ‎”come turkey day maybe you can stuff her” – after talking to Don about Jane’s friend who he was setting don up with on a Blind Date.

~ Betty’s mother-in-law hates Betty, which is great because maybe she’ll convince Henry that this marriage was a bad idea. Im sorry but Henry just freaks me out!!

It was a fabulous season opener! I am sooo excited for this new season and can’t wait to see the surprises that are headed our way!!

One thought on “Don Draper is BAAACCKK!!!

  1. nice blog. i need you thought on entourage and weeds. i would also like your thoughts on ghost hunters. i love ghost hunters. ‘did you hear that?’ i laugh so hard. i also like locked up abroad. dexter is also must see tv. i expect your ‘a’ game for dexter.

    don’t get too caught in the dramas, turn on mark cuban’s channel. there are so really good news shows, dan rather reports and the show that follows dan…i think it is called world report. good stuff.

    keep up the good work caroline. i’ll be dropping by from time to time and so will our coworkers.

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