The Return of “True Blood”

WARNING, if you have not seen the first episode of Season 3 of True Blood and do not wish to be Spoiled, the please don’t read!


remember I warned you!

For the past three weeks I have been waiting and waiting for the season 3 premiere  of  “True Blood.” As a lover of prime time television, I was sad to see all of my regualar season shows (ones with full seasons like House, Grey’s, Gossip Girl, Glee, Lost ect…) come to an end for the year. However I had hope glimmering in the back because I knew that in a few short weeks, True Blood would be back. Last nights season 3 opener was well worth the wait.  It had everything I love about the show; mystery, sex, heartbreak, murder, and that was only the first 20 minutes.  The premiere left little room to remember what had happened the season before (thankfully I had rewatched season 2 last week and was well caught up.)

If you remember from the final moments of last season, Bill had proposed to Sookie, and she freaked out a little, and how could she not? A LOT of shit went down in season 2 and she just wanted a couple of moments to clear her thoughts. So she went to the ladies room to do just that and when she returned to the dining room in the restaurant, she saw a chair on the floor with broken glasses and plates surrounding it and Bill was gone.  The show started right where season 2 left off, with Sookie realizing that Bill was gone, kidnapped as she put it.  She calls the police, and Kenya arrives to take a statement from Sookie, and much to Sookies displeasure, Kenya isn’t really taking the “kidnapping” story too seriously. The show then shows us that Bill has indeed been kidnapped, and it is by none other than CONNOR OWENS!!! (For those of you who don’t know who I am talking about, Go watch Ugly Betty seasons 3 and 4 and you’ll understand) ok it’s not Connor Owens, it’s a guy names Cotter, played by the wonderful Grant Bowler ( I am so excited to see him on this show! so exicted!) So we know Bill has been kidnapped but we don’t know why and I am pretty sure we don’t know yet, as to who did it.

Then we see Tara, who is grieving over the death of Eggs, who was killed by Jason, but it was Andy Bellefleur who took the blame.  We see that Arlene is having mood swings because she might be pregnant. We then see Jessica, dragging the trucker she drained to death, into Bills house.  We see Sam driving to a town in search for his birth parents.  Before we even get to Pam and Eric, it is already clear that this season is going to be about Character development and growth. Alan Ball truly cares about this show, because he could have gone a totally different direction. No, he cares about these people, and he wants to see them grow. This is a great thing and I truly believe him when he says this season will be the best yet.

So let’s get into the characters story lines!

The Sookie-Bill-Eric Triangle:

Sookie: well she’s pretty much freaking out because her boyfriend is gone and she can’t figure out who or what took him and she is damn sure that Eric had something to do with it, till she’s proven wrong and she’s back where she started at the beginning of the episode, wondering what the hell just happened. I think I am going to like her alot more this season. She gets so whiny when she is around Bill, it will be interesting to see her around Eric and the newcomer Alcide and the other characters in the show.

Bill:  He is another character I think I am going to like A LOT more now that he is not around Sookie. He got way to possessive around her and it started to seriously creeep me out. From all the promos I’ve seen over the past month or so, I droold over this “new” Bill.  He’s been kidnapped, and he realizes very quickly that who ever has kidnapped him, wants him alive, which means he has leverage, and he is going to use which ever way possible.  And when the kidnappers car crashed and he escaped and he was invited in at the old ladies house…my opinion of him changed… I think I could like him after all! I think we are going to see great acting from Stephen Moyer, and I am very excited about this!

Then Mr. Eric Northman: this show doesn’t beat around the bush what so ever.  Sookie had made up her mind that Eric had something to do with Bills disappearance and went go confront him. However when she finds him,he is…well…occupied…with one of his new dancers. It is a sight.  Sookies expression “Holy S—” was exactly what I was thinking.  And Eric turns around and exposes his full frontal nudity to her responds in the only eloquent way Eric can: “Sookie…see anything you like?”  He then tells Pam to leave, which she does, much to her disappointment, and then stands butt naked in front of Sookie.  Sookie tells Eric what is going on with Bill. He tells her he was unaware of his disappearance and agrees that Bills maker, Lorena, may have something to do with it. We then see him with Queen and the Majester, where we find out that the Majister wants whoever is selling the V to suffer a very public execution. The Queen (the wonderful Evan Rachel Wood) is defiantly worried and when she’s worried She gets PISSED and she shows it, and tells Eric that if he doesn’t get rid of the Blood, he will suffer. I love that we are going to see a lot more of Eric this season. He is such a great character and Alexander Skarsgard just acts the role so perfectly! And as long as Eric is naked…I will be completely satisfied.

Pam and Jessica

Pam: THANK GOD THEY FINALLY ADDED KRISTEN BAUER VAN STRATEN  AS A SERIES REGULAR! Pam is SUCH a great character and the fact that we are going to get to see her for a majority of the season makes me VERY happy. I loved Pam’s line to  Sookie ”Now I don’t remember telling you that lavender was my favorite color,” with Sookie responding ”I’m in no mood for lesbian weirdness tonight, Pam. Where’s Bill?”  PERFECT WAY to reintroduce Pam. And then her reaction to Eric’s… indisposition…priceless! We then see Pam telling Lafayette that he WILL have the V sold by the next night, or there would be consquences, and I believe her. Good god this woman is amazing! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has instore for her. And I think it will involve Jessica…because…

Jessica: Jessica has a problem. A major problem, she let her vampire mood swings get the best of her and accidentally killed that trucker dude we saw her hook up with last season.  Now she has deal with the reality that Bill is gone and can’t help her dispose of the body. Hoyts called to tell that he wants to give it another go with her. Sookie is all over the place because of Bills kidnapping. Soo its safe to say that she is freaking out. I can’t wait to see how she handles this situation and how she will grow as a character now that she doesn’t have Bill overlooking her every step.

Jason and Andy

I see an amazing bromance in the making

Oh Jason you’ve got yourself in such a predicament yet again. Did you not learn from yourrecent situation with the Fellowship of the Sun.  He killed Eggs and Andy took the blame for him.  Then Andy told Jason-get over it, get back to your slutty ways and just forget what happened. Which I find quite hilarious considering a season before Andy thought Jason’s slutty ways were bad. But Jason picks up two cute girls at Merlottes and takes them back to his place. However Jason is having a little problem…he can’t get it up, because he is hallucinating bullet holes in the girls heads, and then he tells them this…Boy when are you ever going to learn????? I don’t know if Jason is going to really grow or not this season, but I will tell you this…I do love Jason when he is dumb, he makes for some serious comic relief.


When is this girl going to ever catch a break? I feel like darkness follows her around where ever she goes. Tonight, she was a solid mess. The one guy she truly loved was dead and she couldn’t handle it. She was so depressed that she let her crazy mother take care of her. As much as I want happiness to come to Tara, from the promos I saw… I don’t see that coming. But hey, one can hope.


That dream with Bill…dear lord…that was awkward but at the same time…kinda hot. Anyways….Sam is off searching for his birth parents. And while on that search he finds out that he has a brother. And we meet that brother, except he lies to Sam and tells him that he is someone else. Then Sam realizes he lied. So my guess is this season will focus on Sams hot and sweaty dreams about Bill and finally figuring out who he really is.

So all and all True Blood was AWESOME last night and I think that we are really in for one hell of an amazing season. I cannot wait to see what is in store for our characters. I can’t wait to meet the werewolves too!  So there we have it! until next week!

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