Hello world!

I am not very good at this whole blog thing. But seeing as I am obsessed with television and friends and colleagues are always asking me about my opinions on different television shows, I thought I should probably restart a blog solely focused on television. I tried to start one before on the broad topic of entertainment in general, but I realized that I was taking on too much.

For the past couple of summers I have not had the oppurtunity to be in the states. I would go back home to England to be with my family. So I never really got to experience the new trend of prime-times “summer season.” Usually I use the summer to catch up on new shows that I did not watch the previous season or start a show that people have been telling me that I should Watch. Last summer I finally started watching Bones, The Mentalist, and fully caught up on House.  However this Summer I get the great pleasure in getting to watch True Blood, Burn Notice, Mad Men, without having to watch them online a few days after. This makes me very happy. I am also excited about the new shows that are premiering this summer, such as  Pretty Little Liars, The Gates, Covert Affairs, and Rubicon.  I actually got to watch the sneak peek of Rubicon and I have to say, I think AMC has another hit on their hands! I always thought James Badge Dale deserved his own series and now he gets one! I smell an Emmy headed his way! ( well after the one he gets nominated for, for the pacific).  Anyways! I will be using this blog to write reviews about the returning and new shows this summer and then come fall I’ll choose a couple of shows to write about and review them! Im actually pretty excited about this!

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