Once Upon a Time Review: The Apprentice

xemmas-dress-once-upon-a-time-s4e4.jpg.pagespeed.ic.3zi8d4jB4_I am going to change up my Once Upon a Time review today because this episode gave my mixed feelings.On one hand there was a lot I really liked (Anna and the date stuff) but there was also a lot of stuff that I found incredibly frustrating. So I am going to split up the two.

First, the stuff I liked.

The Date. Yes, I loved all that went into the date between Emma and Hook. I haven’t always been a fan of the forced stuff between Emma and Hook but what they have done with them this season has been really nice. I loved that Emma was the one to go to Hook and ask him out, even after Henry begrudgingly said yes. At the moment, he’s Team Regina and Robin (like the rest of us!) I also LOVED seeing David and Snow act like parents from Snow taking a polaroid to David and Elsa bonding over being protective, to finally, David and Snow staying up to hear all about their daughters date! It was classically adorable.

Anna and all of her Badassness: Some might say there is nothing to her but I think she completely captures the essence of Anna from Frozen. The way she stood up to Rumple and used the dagger against him was amazing.

Regina and Henry: I love love love that these two are working together to find out who wrote the book. Sometimes I think we forget that Henry grew up with the Evil Regina and even though he wanted to find Emma, deep down he knew there was good in his adopted mom. Getting to see Regina be that good mother is amazing and wonderful and I love it. What’s even better? Her letting Henry go work at Rumple’s shop without asking Emma first. Way to stand tall and recognize that Henry is a teenager and can make his own decisions. I can’t wait to see how Henry and Rumple bond! Remember that prophecy! It’s Henry who is supposed to lead Rumple to his destruction. Is that where we are headed towards this season?!

The Knave, a.k.a Will Scarlett: Now I know there hasn’t been much explained about why Will is back in Storybrooke but one thing is for sure; something happened to Anastasia. For those who didn’t watch Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Wills true love is the Red Queen, Anastasia. The series ended with them together. Well they’re obviously not together anymore. And Will is not happy about this. I can’t wait to see where this leads! Hopefully we’ll get to see the return of Anastasia!

The Things I didn’t Like:

Rumple and Hook reverting back to their old ways.

Little did we know that while OUAT and ABC were promoting the addition of Frozen characters the writers slipped a whole story-line revolving around Fantasia and as you might expect, it involves Rumpelstiltskin. We are introduced to, Mickey Mouse, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice this week and we learn that every Dark One has tried to capture the Sorcerer’s hat and has failed every time. The Sorcerer’s hat contains ALL MAGIC and can set the Dark One free of the blade it’s attached to.

Back when Rumple meets Anna we see that Rumple is after the hat. No surprise. He wants to rid of the attachment to the blade because whoever holds it controls him; case-in-point, Anna uses it to have Rumple send her home and never bother her and Elsa (why didn’t she mention Kristoff? Is that poor writing or is there a point to that?) Anyways, flash to the present and Rumple finally has that damn hat and this is where things get frustrating.

Look I get that Rumple will always be a little shady. It’s just who he is. But I really honestly thought after he married Belle that he would at least become a little less manipulative. Isn’t true love supposed to conquer all on this show? Instead we see him become the kind of despicable asshole he was back in the Enchanted Forrest. He completely manipulated Hook into thinking his hand was cursed just so he could use him and con him into doing his dirty work and Hook feel for it hook, line, and sinker (pun intended, and I’ll speak on Hook more in a sec.) And now that Henry is going to be his Apprentice, I am genuinely very worried. I feel like the writers are sending Rumple down to the point of no return and I don’t want to see that.

There is another reason though that Rumple could want to use that hat. One that I believe might cause and solve a lot of current problems. The Sorcerer Hat is apparently ALL Powerful. Which means it could probably open the time portal again. Rumple hasn’t gotten over the death of Neal- that much is clear. I would not be surprised if he used to the hat to try and resurrect Neal or go back in time and bring him back before his death (a la Marian.) We’ll just have to wait and see.

My issue with Hook is the same issue I had last season. If he is so in love with Emma then MAN UP AND TELL HER WHATS GOING ON. We’ve been down this road before, Hook. Just TELL HER WHATS GOING ON. Honesty goes a long way. If she can forgive you for all the shit you pulled in Season 2 then I think you’re going to be OK. Tell her and go back to being all cutesy with each other.

I have no idea what is supposed to happen next week. But the Snow Queen says “I’m going to build a snowman” and I’m all sorts of worried and confused. Why has Olaf not shown up yet?


Till next week!

Once Upon a Time Review: White Out

Once-Upon-a-Time-White-Out-RecaReview-650x433On this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time we got an evil warlord named Bo Peep-as in Little Bo Peep, from the nursery rhyme. It’s a concept so ridiculous and inane that it could only be imaginable by Once Upon a Time and man does it pay off because I WANT MORE. And in Storybrooke she owns a butcher shop? YES. YES. YES. Please give us more!!!

We are introduced to Bo Peep in a flashback where Anna meets David. Apparently David also knows Kristoff, who told Anna about David and told her he was a friend she could trust in the Enchanted Forrest. Anna meets David way before he becomes Prince Charming-back when he is still living with his mother as a shepherd-a shepherd who is apparently being controlled by the evil warlord, Bo Peep. She is as evil as she is ridiculous and her staff can show her where her “branded” people are at all times. As I said, it’s ridiculous, but it’s also a lot of fun and actress Robin Weigert (Calamity Jane from Deadwood) is absolutely fantastic.

Anna helps David become the person he is today because back then he was cowardly and kinda annoying. I am glad it was Anna (who is still played perfectly by Elizabeth Lail) who helped him see that he could be a hero. I can’t wait to see who else she runs into in her trip through the Enchanted Forrest, especially since we know one of the characters will be Rumpelstiltskin!

The best scenes of the night come from Emma and Elsa’s time in the ice cave. Both of these characters are so similar in the way they run from their powers. It’s great for both Emma and Elsa to see that they are not alone and that they will always be surrounded by people who love and support them no matter what. It is through Bo Peep that we learn that Anna is still alive; somewhere in Storybrooke…we just don’t know where. This gives Elsa the courage she needs melt some of the ice cave she’s created that has trapped her inside with Emma. Georgina Haig really is a perfect Elsa and even though we’ve only seen her for two episodes, I would love it if she stayed on the series permanently. I also want Elsa and Emma to become the best of friends because I think they could both use a good girlfriend who they aren’t related to.

But the BEST scene of the night came at the very end of the episode when we meet the owner of an ice crème shoppe called Any Given Sundae (best name ever), played by the amazing and talented, Elizabeth Mitchell, who we can only assume is the Snow Queen. I CANNOT WAIT to see how this plays out. I am gitty with glee and anticipation at the prospect of Elizabeth Mitchell playing a villain! I really hope this plays out well!

Other Thoughts:

~ Just saw this deleted scene from last night’s episode (https://gma.yahoo.com/video/watch-cut-scene-once-upon-045411990.html): WHY did they cut this? This scene is important…so important and SOOOOO much better than the scenes we got in the power plant. Once writers, you need to think these things through sometimes…

~ We need to find a better storyline for Mary Margaret then turning the power on and having Grumpy and Grams yelling at her.

~Speaking of Grumpy-I wouldn’t be sad in the lease if a truck ran over him.

~ Henry and Regina’s hug could have totally melted that ice cave.

~The slow pace of Hook and Emma’s relationship is actually quite wonderful. I am really glad they aren’t rushing them.

Manhattan Love Story Review: How To Ruin a Romantic Comedy

manhattan_love_story_premiere_reviewLet me start off by saying that I love Romantic Comedies. They are quite delightful. Unfortuantly the new crop of RomCom TV Shows that have graced our presence this Fall TV Season are not delightful.

I was so excited last spring when I head we were getting a few new RomCom TV shows this Fall. I was especially intrigued by Manhattan Love Story which had Evan Chambers of Greek. I just adore him. I was happy to see that he was finally getting his own show. Too bad its one of the worst shows I’ve seen in recent memory.

I wanted to like Manhattan Love Story. It has a cute premise about the beginnings of a new relationship between Peter and Dana (Jake McDorman and Analeigh Tipton), where you hear their inner monologues. Sometimes voice overs can be fun and cute. Other times, like this time, it can go so horribly wrong. Did you know that Men like breasts and women like purses? Or that women think if a man is crying they automatically think the guy is gay and if a guy sees a woman crying she’s crazy? These are the kind of thoughts we get and it only gets worse.

The other major problem with Manhattan Love Story is that the only likable, funny, and interesting character on the entire show is Peter’s sister. She has a few short lines where she makes fun of her brother and she is the only one who got me to actually laugh. The rest of the characters are extremely unlikable. I completely HATED Dana’s roommates and college friends, Amy and David, who’re married. Amy was annoying and David was a pushover who didn’t want to piss off his wife which is why we got the date between Peter and Dana in the first place.

I wanted to like this show. I wanted it to be better than the episode that we got last night. But I just have to face it: this show sucks. And I don’t see it getting better.

13 Years later: What Would Sydney Bristow Do?

Bristow13 years ago I was just a teenager who liked a few WB shows. It was during the final seasons of Dawson’s Creek and Felicity, the beginnings of Gilmore Girls and Smallville; the classic WB shows. Man those were the days. But at the end of September, on a Sunday night (13 years ago exactly), I sat down to watch a new show on ABC called Alias. It looked cool; all I knew was that it was about a female spy and she wore really cool wigs and outfits. I was 13, almost 14; I didn’t need much to hook me in.

To this day I don’t think there has ever been a pilot as captivating and attention grabbing as the pilot to Alias.  A covert spy turned double agent when she learns the agency she works for killed her fiancé and is in fact not the CIA. The episode puts Jennifer Garner through the ringer several times in its 66 minute run time (by the way, most network pilots are 44 minutes these days. That should give you a clue as to how awesome this pilot is). I still can’t get over the seen when Sydney is running through the parking lot trying to escape a hit squad and is saved by her dad who she learns is ALSO a double agent. I mean talk about an info dump. This was A LOT for a 13 year old to grasp. But I wanted more and I wanted it instantly.

One of the main reasons that I became so invested in Alias was Sydney Bristow. I wanted to be her sooo badly. I still want to be her.  A spy, who was also a grad student, had great friends, and a good sense of moral direction. She was someone to look up to and she continued to be someone to look up to throughout all five seasons of the show.  At 13 you think the world is stacked against you and pretty much everything around you sucks. I was a freshman in high school and everything about me was awkward. Hell I am still awkward. But looking at Sydney Bristow’s life (even though she was a fictional character) I realized how much harder my life could be and seeing the courage and strength she presented at every obstacle in her journey made me realize I could overcome my obstacles as well. She was an awesome female character and there will, probably, never be another female character like her on TV ever again. And that is not a bad thing.

So on this 13th anniversary I leave you with one simple moto, a moto I plan on using a lot more in my life now: What Would Sydney Bristow Do?


Also-Sydney and Vaughn forever and ever.

Once Upon a Time Review: A Tale of Two Sisters

After it looked like everyone had gotten their happy endings they threw a whopper at us when they revealed that the women who Emma had brought from the past was Marian, Robin Hoods “dead” wife. But Marian wasn’t the only character Emma and Hook brought back…no…they brought back Elsa (from the mega-hit Frozen) as well. That’s right. Elsa. And Once Upon a Time went on Summer Hiatus for 4 Months and 16 days.

Talk about torture. The last time I was this antsy for a show to come back was when Alias left us with the ending of Season 2! I’m not saying the cliffhanger was just as epic, it’s not, but it sure did leave me wanting the season four premiere instantly!

xfrozen-characters.jpg.pagespeed.ic.O7vLzO35bdFrom the moment the season finale ended I was super excited to see what Once Upon a Time would do with Frozen. I LOVED Frozen and I fully believed that creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis would do this movie justice and if the premiere is any indication? It worked. The casting, the flashbacks, SVEN THE BEST REINDEER EVER…it all worked. Georgina Haig and Elizabeth Lail were perfect as Elsa and Anna and I mean right down to their mannerism; Elizabeth Lail, especially, who managed to even sound like Kristen Bell and match Anna’s awkwardness from the movie. And of course Cappie, I mean, Scott Michael Foster, perfectly captured Kristoff and all of his adorableness. I was impressed. So now that we know that Anna is off to the Enchanted Forrest, who do you think she’ll meet next?! I for one can’t wait to see. I also can’t wait to see more interaction between Elsa and Kristoff…and Sven. If we can get more Sven, I’d be very happy.

If you had asked me back in Season one if Regina would be the character I rooted for the most I would have told you to go take a hike. Her character was so despicable that I was practically counting down the days until she was eventually killed off. But thankfully that never happened and instead we got some of the best character growth of an evil character turned good that I have ever seen. Part of the reason I was so antsy for Season four was because I had fallen deeply in love with the Regina and Robin pairing. So I was pretty sad when Marian came back and Robin had to go and act all noble and dump Regina. Ugh. Why?? But I think it’s going to be OK because while Robin is off with Marian, Regina is going to be doing her own thing, and I really hope Emma is involved.

It’s been apparent from since they introduced Elsa that she and Emma would end up being pretty similar. Both are afraid of the magic they possess and have loved ones who support them unconditionally. But after tonight’s episode, it’s apparent that Emma also takes after Anna, which is a pretty great thing if you ask me. When Emma stood in front of Regina’s office door telling Regina, who was sitting down against the door from the other side, that she wouldn’t stop fighting until everyone in Storybrooke got their happy ending, I was elated. The writers had taken a key scene from Frozen and didn’t give it back to Anna and Elsa but gave it to the true two heroines of our show and found a way to make it even better. I can’t wait to see Henry and Emma help Regina stay good this season. I think this could really turn into something great.

As for everyone else, nothing really changed. The Charming’s continued on being charming with their new son, Neal, and Hook continued to chase after Emma who told him to be patient. Don’t worry, Captain Swan shippers, I am sure we are in for more crazy adventures with these two. And then there’s Rumple who seems to have gotten his hands on the Sorcerers Hat from Fantasia. UM WHAT?! Is this a preview of whats to come later this season? Color me intriqued!

Other thoughts:


~By the way, someone at buzzfeed did a pretty awesome post on Elsa and Anna vs Regina and Emma, check it out: (HERE)

~ The snow monster was kinda dumb. It just didn’t work for me. I feel like he was meant solely for the purpose of Grumpy to go screaming through the town that there was a monster in town. I would have much rather seen Olaf.

~ “He won’t smell like that forever.”

~ “You want to go home and see what’s on Netflix?” “I don’t know what that is, but sure.” ( I LOVE Hook adjusting to the real world!)

~Marian is annoying. I mean really annoying. I hope she’s gone soon.

~ So great to see Sidney Glass again. Giancarlo Espositio needs to be on my TV more.

24: Live Another Day Finale Thoughts

rough-day-for-jackI don’t want 24 to continue anymore. I know. I know. But hear me out.

I think this past mini-season was a perfect coda to the series. Jack was never going to get a happy ending, and I think if he did, it would have been an injustice to the series. He might be a badass who has saved the world numerous times but he has also done some pretty bad things, and he knows it. His family is not safe if those who wish him harm are still after him. The kidnapping of Chloe proved this.

Out of this entire series it is Chloe who deserves and needs the happy ending. For her to go back home for the first time in years and to not be on the run; it’s a true happy ending for her. And it’s a great ending for the series. Also-I was weeping pretty uncontrolablly during that last scene with Jack and Chloe. Best Friends Forever. They may even be TV’s best best friends. I love those two. Jack and Chloe Forever and ever.

Did I want Audrey to die? No. I wanted Audrey and Jack to run off into the sunset together. But that was never going to happen. Why? Because Jack is CURSED when it comes to women he loves. CURSED. It’s a good thing he got Chloe out while he could because if she’d of stayed any longer…well…she would have pretty much been doomed. Leaving Chloe and Kim behind was the only way the two most important women in his life would have survived.

If the producers must insist on the series continuing, let it be through Kate Morgan. Yavonne Strahovski was the breakout star this season. And I sure as hell would watch a show devoted to her. So 24 producers, get on it.

Overall what an amazing season. I didn’t think 24 could pull it off after the disaster that was the eighth season. But the producers, actors, and writers totally wowed me. What a perfect end to a fun series.

The Good Wife: Thought’s on last nights devastating episode.

xgetting-the-scoop.jpg.pagespeed.ic.W61YkYIg2-I haven’t written on my blog for a really long time. A lot of personal stuff has been going on and I just haven’t been in the mood. I’m not sure I am still in the mood now. But I wrote about The Good Wife for the first couple years on my blog so I feel I need to say something. 

Major character death’s happen all the time on TV. All the time. Just ask Shonda Rhimes. She’s notorious for it. Before last night’s episode there had already been two HUGE deaths on TV in the past seven days. Deaths that were advertised but still no one saw coming. And while I was utterly devastated by those deaths on Teen Wolf and Scandal neither of them compare to the devastation I am feeling now over Will Gardner’s death on The Good Wife.

That’s right. Will Gardner is dead. And I don’t know how to deal.

The CBS promo department told us we needed to prepare because no one would believe what would happen in this episode. But come on, what episode of The Good Wife doesn’t have something shocking on it? This wasn’t shocking, this was…something else entirely.

After we saw Will lying in Matthew Goode’s arms, with a bullet in his neck, I thought, OK this is the shocking moment. They’ll rush him into surgery, have Alicia come and declare her love for him, something like that anyways, but Will would make it through. What I didn’t expect was for them to just leave him dead. Without any sort of goodbye. That was harsh, Good Wife. HARSH.

As I said earlier, major deaths happen all the time. And I am usually left sad, and cry for a bit and then move on. The last death to stay with me for a while was Lexie Grey on Grey’s Anatomy. I was not at all prepared for that and I was left sad for awhile after the episode ended. But Will’s death has left me utterly paralyzed. I am in a serious state of mourning right now. And if I feel this way…just imagine how Alicia, Kalinda, and Diane must be feeling.

Deep down I knew Alicia and Will were never going to get a happy ending. As much as I wanted it, I knew. Especially after she left the firm and started her own with Cary. They were over and they would never make it back to a place where they could be together and be happy with each other. It just wasn’t going to happen. So I had accepted that. This season, while it focused on the rivalry between Alicia and Will also spent A LOT of time showing how deep the bond is between Will and Kalinda and Will and Diane. And that’s what hurts. Diane lost her partner. Kalinda lost one of her only friends -and she doesn’t that many. That hurts. It hurts a lot.

I really want to write more about how Will and Diane’s partnership was one of my favorite parts of the show. And how I was LOVING the scenes with Will and Kalinda last night before he was murdered. But I can’t because I am still such a mess and don’t think I could form coherent words to describe how sad it is that they lost him or how much their friendships meant to me. Because when I think about Will and Diane, I think about them dancing in his office. And then I start crying. I am crying now.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how the next 7 episodes play out. I am not done with the show. I understand why they felt they needed to kill off his character and it is most defiantly going to make for some interesting final episodes. Till then, I leave you with this:tumblr_lylejxLLtS1qfw6kdo1_400



What I am Thankful for: TV 2013

It’s THANKSGIVING! And it’s a time to give thanks! Sooooo much has happened this year on TV and there is ALOT to be thankful for! Let’s get started!


  • Clones and Doppelgänger’s. From the AMAZINGNESS of Orphan Black to this season of The Vampire Diaries Clones and doppelgängers are ruling TV!
  • Also, I am superduper thankful that we were introduced to Tatiana Maslany. She is going places.
  • Arrow and Olicity. I haven’t shipped a couple this hard since Logan and Veronica…speaking of…o-VERONICA-MARS-MOVIE-COMIC-CON-facebook
  • The Kickstarter campaign for the Veronica Mars movie! OMG IS IT SPRING 2014 yet???
  • Bex Taylor Klaus: She played Bullet on The Killing and is now currently staring as Sin on Arrow. The chick is an absolutely FANTASTIC actress and I am glad we have her on our TV.
  • The Fifth Season of The Good Wife. Who knew it could still kick some fucking ass 5 seasons in?
  • Once Upon a Time in Neverland. While Once in Wonderland hasn’t really taken off as well as I hoped, the original series OUAT has spent the first half of season 3 in Neverland and man is it AWESOME. From the amazing actor they found to play Peter Pan to the brewing love triangle between Hook, Emma, and Neal, Once has shown that they still got it!oitnb
  • Netflix Original Series. While Orange is the New Black was by far and away the best series released (so far) I was still addicted to House of Cards and Hemlock Grove. Can’t wait for the second seasons of all three shows! Speaking of…
  • Binge TV show watching. Thank You Netflix. Thank You indeed.
  • Castle and Beckett getting engaged and starting to talk about wanting more children together! I LOVE IT!
  • The Originals. I really don’t know what else to say. I just LOVE that Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah got their own show, which at the moment I am enjoying ALOT.
  • Sleepy Hollow and Reign. These are my favorite new shows of Fall 2013. They shouldn’t work and they’re bananas as hell but guess what? THESE SHOWS ARE ADDICTING! Can’t wait for more!
  • Shonda Rhimes. She has given us 10 great seasons of Grey’s and Sandra Oh but she also has given us Scandal. And for that I am EXTREMELY Thankful!
  • New Girl going there with Nick and Jess. Love those two! PLUS, I LOVE the newest roommate, Ferguson. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
  • Awkward 3b. It’s not been the most pleasant season to watch but I have to say, I like that they had Jenna become an Asshole because teenage girls suck. It’s refreshing to see a show have their main character turn ugly, recognize it, and then slowly start to help the character change.
  • The final 8 Seasons of Breaking Bad. Utter perfection and I couldn’t have asked for a better ending. Thank You for 5 amazing seasons.

Arrow Review: Keep Your Enemies Closer

Keep Your Enemies CloserI am so happy that we finally got an episode that focused on Diggle. It was about damn time. And what an interesting episode it was. I knew Diggle and Lyla were close but I had NO IDEA they were MARRIED close. That was quite a revel.
When Lyla gets kidnapped in Russia, after heading after Deadshot, Diggle goes to the Former USSR to save her and Oliver and Felicity, and Oliver’s pesky new partner Isabel (more on that in a minute) join him. While there Oliver returns the favor and helps Diggle rescue his ex-wife.
I’ll admit, I had always wondered why Lyla felt like she needed to pursue Deadshot as much as Diggle. Why did she have such a vested interest in it? Now we know, they were once married, and though it didn’t really work out, it is clear as day they still care about each other very much.
It was great to see Oliver help out Diggle for a change. Olly had to be the one behind the scenes this time as he let his best friend head into a Russian gulag. This meant that Diggle had to face-off with Deadshot on his own; which was necessary. What was really interesting was seeing Diggle NOT kill Deadshot when he had the chance. I think that shows how different Oliver and Diggle are. I think Oliver would have killed him. We’ve known forever now that Diggle is a man of honor while Oliver is LEARNING to become a man of honor again. So I was impressed when Diggle let him go. Also, they couldn’t kill off Deadshot just yet. They’ll have their showdown again either later on in the season or in another season. We have certainly NOT seen the last of him.
Now let’s talk about Olicity, cause even though this episode was mainly about Diggle and Deadshot we are really only going to remember that last scene with our favorite duo to root for.
Obviously things with Shado and Slade didn’t turn out well. We have known this for quite sometime seeing as Oliver never talks about them with Diggle and Felicity and when Sara brought up Slade he completely froze. Something happened and whatever it was it wasn’t good. I mean we all saw Shado say she cared about Slade right?
Anyways whatever happened, it was traumatizing, it hurt Oliver soooo much that he refused to let himself care too much about his wonderful cute “personal assistant”/ “crime-fighting partner.” He refuses  to let himself get too close.
Unfortunately this means that Felicity has to watch the man she has come to admire and care about make some silly dumb decisions-like sleeping with one Isabel Rochev; “what happens in Russia stays in Russia…even if doesn’t make sense.”
Man they really know how to pull at my Olicity heartstrings and the show seems to…more and more, anyways…be headed in that direction. With the Lance sisters being too much to handle and Isabel just being a meaningless fling (for now) it looks like Felicity is the woman to root for and trust me, that is a very. good. thing.
Other thoughts:
~ WOAH Sara was a BITCH to Oliver. I mean, I can understand why, I would hate him too if I had to deal with the conditions that she dealt with while Olly was on the Island. He is the reason she was on that boat in the first place. But still, don’t betray your old friends. That is NEVER a good idea. Even if its because you are working for Deputy Doug-uh I mean Dr. Ivo.
~Roy and Thea had some drama this week but Moira worked it out. How cute.
~But Detective Lance now knows Roy works with the Arrow…Lance might be OK with this for now but if it changes…UTOH!
~No Laurel… is it bad that I am OK with this? I just don’t find her all that interesting this season.
~ another mention of the Particle Accelerator! WHEN DOES THE FLASH GET HERE?????

Arrow Review: Crucible

OMG ARROW! Why you gotta be so damn perfect?!?!?! You are  totally making everyone else on broadcast TV…well, besides The Good Wife, look bad! But don’t worry, that’s a good thing!

xcaity-lotz-as-the-black-canary.jpg.pagespeed.ic.j7D6IxJkQzI’ve watched this episode three times now. I watched it twice last night and once again this morning. That’s how awesome it was. I’m obsessed.

First off, Caity Lotz is perfect. The cast and crew of Arrow struck gold when she got cast as Sara Lance, a.k.a. The Canary. She fits in perfectly with Ollie and the gang.

As expected, The Canary is none other than Sara Lance. What wasn’t expected was Ollie knowing that she didn’t die on the Queens Gambit and lied about it to everyone else. How heartbreaking was that scene when Ollie tells Dig and Felicity about knowing she didn’t die, seeing her a year later, and then had to watch her, supposedly,  die again.  Everyone in that scene played their parts perfectly from Ollie being angry to Dig trying to wrap his head around the situation to Felicity wondering if Ollie had any happy stories. You could tell her heart broke, like ours, when Ollie confessed that he just wanted to forget those terrible years on the Island and that’s why he lied about Sara.

We still don’t know what happened to Sara after she “drowned” on the Queen’s Gambit; all we know is that she came back to Starling after hearing about the Earthquake and the tales of the Vigilante. But from the clues she’s been giving us we know she must have been raped a few (or more) times and we also know that she met Slade. The way Oliver dodged her question about where Slade was makes me worried. They either had a falling out or worse, Slade is dead. I am hoping for the former because I want to see him again!

But even though Sara came back to look over her family, she still isn’t ready for them to know that she is alive. For one, she knows that if they find out, it means that they will never want to see Ollie again; something I don’t think she wants considering Laurel needs him at this point.

Laurel is a mess. She’s drowning her pain in wine and pills which leads her to getting pulled over for drinking and driving. Do we have a new Thea situation on our hands? It might look that way considering how messed up the Lance family is at the moment. If ever there was a time for them to find out that Sara is alive, it’s now. I really hope that Ollie can convince Sara to tell them; otherwise I don’t think she is going to be able to protect them all that well.

Now lets talk about that INSANELY AWESOME twist at the end of the episode.

Sebastian Blood is our main villain and I TOTALLY didn’t see that coming! I am used to seeing Kevin Alejandro play the bad guy but I realllllly thought he was just a shady politician who wanted to rid the Glades of the garbage it faces. But now we find out that he is a murderer; a scary one at that! So what’s his endgame?? Control and Power over the Glades? Or something more sinister…? I can’t wait to find out!

Other Thoughts:

  • Isabel Rochev is BORING, which is a shame because Summer Glau is a great actress. I hope they can turn her character around soon.
  • You know who is NOT boring? SIN! OMG I am so obsessed with Bex Taylor-Klaus. Seriously I love how she can have a role that is somewhat similar to Bullet but totally make it different and awesome. I want to see more of her adventures with the Canary and Roy!
  • More calls to The Flash arriving! They name dropped S.T.A.R. Labs last night!